06 February 2006

Best, Weirdest, Funniest

I hate memes. Here we go.

most embarrassing moment
I sang the Star Spangled Banner for a college play audition. I started the song way too high and was stupid enough to finish it screeching like a cat in heat. It was not pretty.

what household object are you?
washing machine - always moving, always something to do, runs in circles and you don't realize how much you need me until I get sick.

worst thing you have done for revenge
turn on my hazards while stopped at a left turn light due to tailgating driver behind me (for the last few miles) Just go around me, you putz!!

you knew you were a parent when
hubby knocked me up and I got a blue plus sign

worst fart story
3rd grade. Bench fart. LOUD. In class. Edward, my imaginary future husband, sitting beside me. Laughing. Maybe that should be my most embarrassing moment.

best fart story
5 year old son sitting on my lap. He farts on me.
Me: "SON! What do you say!?"
Aiden: "Your welcome"

what does your name mean
She Who Farts In School

proudest moment
marrying my hubby

strangest person you've ever seen
Richard Kiel - aka, Jaws in James Bond films. At my 7 year old vantage, he is a giant!

weirdest food you've ever eaten
An unfertilized embryo pooped out of a feathered squawking non-flying bird. Eggs are really weird.

15 minutes of fame
Working at a bakery that made the local anchorwoman's wedding cake, News at 11.

longest facial hair that sprouts

oldest item of clothing you currently wear
1920s vintage nightdress purchased over 20 years ago

funniest movie
A Night in Casablanca - 1946 with the Marx Brothers

stinkiest smell
rotten meat

earliest memory
my sister falling off 2 story balcony

worst haircut

best/worst first day of school

don't have one

weirdest habit
organizing the eggs symmetrically in the carton before I put them away

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"One ought, every day at least, to hear a little song, read a good poem, see a fine picture, and if it were possible, to speak a few reasonable words."

~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe