06 March 2006

when it grinds, it pours

Never apologize for how you feel, unless you are talking to God.
Do apologize for your actions based on your feelings, especially if you've hurt someone.


On a less serious note, why is it when you order a latte at $3.25 a pop they give you ¼ cup of freaking foam. I'm not paying $3.25 for coffee-flavored air and a chocolate-covered offee bean with two cutsie stir straws. The coffee baristas typically get it right but today the owner was in. Go figure. I visit a local booth down just a mile from my house. (hurrah for the local guy!!)

I know. I know. $3.25 for coffee??? It comes with a pave' diamond straw, right? I have 2, 4, 5, 20lbs of beans in my cupboard and nearly every weekday I run down there after the kiddies are dropped off at school and I get my coffee. Why? The perk of not having to get out of my car for my addictions is one of those mastercard things. Priceless. Deal my coffee from the curb, baby. Even more ironic, Hubby bought me a ginormous bag of Costco beans and my MIL gave me some flavored caffeinated beans and I bought some all in about 3 days time. When it grinds, it pours. That's what I always say.

I'm typically an economist (read: tightwad). I ration out squares of TP. I wash my clothes on cold and I get farmer's market veggies. Farmer's market veggies also rock my socks. So, I get $12 haircuts just so I can indulge on coffee. That and expensive shoes. I have a theory, well made shoes are expensive, so why not support the economy and not the health care industry which appears to be thriving without my swollen abused feet with the second toe bigger than the big toe. I know. Im a freak.

My advice: Skip the podiatrist and enjoy your new killer shoes while you drink your $3.25 cup of coffee.

Disclaimer: If by chance you are a podiatrist, aka. foot Doctor, please note that I am in no way attempting to smoother your quality of life and your million dollar a year practice. My point is, It's my feet and I can buy if I want to. Buy if I want to. Buy if I want to. You would buy too, if good shoes happened to you. du-du-duh-da-dah!

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~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe