08 July 2006

silence in 5 degrees

I decided to go for a drive to clear my head. The kids were making me a bit crazy today so the quiet was a welcome change. I stopped to get some gas and on the way home, grabbed snacks and breakfast makings for tomorrow. It's a mistake to go ravenous to the grocery because I spent $40 more than I wanted to. By the time I got home the kids were soundly tucked in bed and hubby was painting at his desk. A quiet evening behind a book was just what the doctor ordered.

or in other words............

I lit out on Boo and the babes cause I be needing some chilaxin time. My cribs got me trippin so I hopped my ride, fo' shizzle, tippin in my 'lac, lovin' my sprewell's tricked to 24". Shellin' for gas and grabbed some bites for the week. I get back in the 'lac got home to my Mack. Fo' Rizzle, my dizzle. Peace out! Word.

or perhaps a little like this....

I was persuaded by my beloved to change my vantage and acquire some greatly needed fresh air. The vexation that mounted within me was only that incurred by four sedulously exuberant children enduring the restraint of palatable free movement in an uncommonly small dwelling. Our children were considerably more taxing than days previous, lending to my deep gratitude for the lack of banter today that I was typically subjected to on a daily occurrence. My travels afforded me new perspective and tranquil elucidation. I blissfully welcomed the absence of verbose children as I stopped at market to restock my meager pantry. Leaving with impecunious wallet albeit, with trunk contents that any chef could appreciate, I arrived at my residence without much ado. Much to my delight, I discovered my darlings slumbering peacefully. Alas, my love and I could partake in the utter sweetness of quiet to pursue our hobbies. Mine would include the examination in due length of a literary masterpiece by the one and only Jane Austen. Notwithstanding the plethora of books we have acquired from which to choose, who would dare fixate on a sole publication? Not I.

or in better words......

Dude, like the kids were, like wiggin' on my melon! Hubby gave me a shout out to like, totally bail and cruise. I got jonesin' for some munchies, like so, 7-11 here I come for some grindage. SAH-WEET! I had to pull a cheater five and whip out the plastic cause I bought so much I tanked the bank, dude. I like hot-dogged it home in the Jeep to find the offspring were selling Buicks, like freakin crashed, man. Excellent! So the Kahuna and I chilled in front of the tube. Wicked awesome.

or maybe, possibly it went like this:

I don't care if I looked like I slept in these clothes. I was going to get some quiet time or die trying. Hubby got home and urged me to get out while I could. With delusions of sanity, I bolted for the van. Spilling out Taco Bell wrappers, I opened the driver's door as I think to myself what is on the to-do list for tomorrow. Clean van. I find the gas gauge blinking amidst the other 20 dash lights on. Resisting the urge to leave the van running down at the airport, I tanked up the van and ran into the store. Nothing like grocery shopping by myself to buy luxuries like toilet paper and milk. I was sure Mr. Coffee would be posting our children for sale on eBay right now. How nice to let me out alone now and again. I smiled knowingly at the screaming child in the store because frankly, it wasn't mine. I got home, opened the ice cream and checked on the kids. Asleep? Thank you hubby! I pulled out my latest read and dug in. Duct tape does wonders when mom is away.

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~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe