02 August 2006

better late than later

Well, 4 days is long enough to :

  • Learn you need just one or two more days.
  • Realize you can't paint the hallway when there is a hole that needs repair.
  • Have your relatives ask you to help move.
  • Require Hubby to suddenly work overtime. (not related to aforementioned moving)
  • Have your child survive after being bitten through the fence by the neighbor dog.
  • Know your neighbor will not put down their animal after dog bite incident #6. (this includes Cujo chewing on their own child...twice.)
  • Witness my children playing 'African Wilderness' in my back yard.
  • Know it's time to fix the mower.
  • Attempt to locate and buy a goat, unsuccessfully.
  • Be thankful that grass will finally lay down flat when brown, dry and long enough.
  • Attempt to locate and buy a very hungry goat, unsuccessfully.
  • Play LIFE, Pass the Pigs, Mancala and teach a nine year old how to play Sudoku.
  • Get laundry caught up.
  • Shop and purchase school supplies for the three oldest before Aug 1st. Woo hoo!!
  • Finish two books.
  • Witness the affects of my daughter believing the garbage to be the new 'dishwasher'.
  • Dig 9 dirty spoons from the garbage.
  • Dig into a book that is part of a study group I belong to.
  • List almost all of my DVD's, some books, and some music on my page at www.listal.com
  • Balance my checkbook.
  • Be thankful I had four days with nice 70-80 degree weather.
  • Soak up some sun.
  • Miss my blog pals.
  • Be back tomorrow.

OKAY, now go check out the fundraisers. I challenge you to give, even if it's $5 or $50, every little bit counts! Stephanie is involved in missions in Jamaica. Cach is fund raising for the MDA. My half-sister has Muscular Dystrophy so this is dear to my heart.

Thanks a MILLION!!

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~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe