07 November 2006

The rise and fall of Chow Chow

Leslee has had a Friday funny photo caption contest that is great fun. This was a photo that inspired me. Who can add a caption when a story is in order?

"Bad dog, bad dog, whatcha gonna do..."

Today, in other news, entertainer and former childhood commercial dog, Chow Chow, was allegedly caught in a shoving match and subsequent biting episode while having dinner at the prestigious Canine Club. Observers say that he appeared to be high on Taco Bell leftovers and was offending patrons by gratuitous crotch sniffing, licking and neck biting. The childhood star was also found to be in possession of one ounce of cat nip when he was apprehended by Titan the German Sheppard.

Things have reportedly gone downhill for Chow Chow since his commercials were officially pulled in the late 1990's. The chihuahuaua did have a short-lived comeback with the Gecko "Mr. Liz" in a 2002 cameo appearance for GEICO and was later replaced by Cavemen due to rumored diva-like behavior. It was soon after, he had reportedly been spotted while being ferried around in a pink Dog & Gabbana bag by one of the Hilton sisters. This further fueling rumors of too many flea dips and subsequent mental health issues.

His vet had no comment.

In other news, your old dog and rolling over. Can you teach him new tricks? And our special report up next, Dressing Like a Human: When it's time to tell your owner NO.

We'll have that and news after the break.

(almost as shocking as Britney Spears now divorcing KFed)

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