16 March 2007

living in a van down by the river

Life has taken a bad turn for our family. I wish it was something funny, like my 6 year old growing a beard, or more pleasant news, like a plugged sewer line or something. The fact is, its deification hitting the rotary oscillator and I have no umbrella or even a hooded sweatshirt to protect me. I've spent my last several days in tears, freaking out as to where we will live when our house forecloses. Yes, the big F word. Now that Mr Coffee has a job, we hoped to crawl out of this, but it won't be in time.

This does not make me ignorant or lazy. Why I feel the need to justify myself, is solely due to people with ideas of why I could have avoided this. If you want to beat me down, get in line. I've done enough beating myself up and second guessing to power every political office known to man. The fact is, we couldn't have done anything different. I used to instruct people how to finance, save and budget for a living. Working with the mortgage company (aka, The Anti-Christ) only goes so far. We have also both worked hard to make ends meet, even with minimal debt (we don't use credit cards). We've soldiered through 3 months of job searches. No one was hiring.

I've cried myself to sleep too many times over this and can only know that there must be a reason for this whole thing to happen. It's the only way I can stay sane.

I vacillated over posting this because I'm not looking for anything but a 'blogger' shoulder to lean on. I may be back in a couple weeks or so, but frankly, I don't know when my computer will come out of storage. This whole thing is demoralizing, so why not publish it on the internet? Stuff just happens, you cry, thank God you don't have cancer or a prison term, and you get through it.

So for now, I am taking a hiatus to take care of business. Thank you all my readers for the support and kind words. Keep me in your thought and prayers. We need it.

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