25 April 2007

Pollyanna Carpooling

I had an interesting drive this morning. Now with local gas pumps adding the convenient blood plasma donation catheter, it's actually affordable to drive.

On my carpool stint today, I was struck by the sheer number of courtesies extended. One driver was kind enough to try and perform a bumper removal while I was in motion. His thoughtfulness to spare my time by accomplishing this difficult maneuver in traffic was so heart-warming.

I was even compelled to motion that he was number one for a fleeting second. I chickened out, not having employed this gesture of goodwill in years. Needless to say, his tires were to be envied, as he utilized them at full capacity, weaving in and out of traffic with such agility, acceleration, and ease. I think I should check into some like that for my van.

Exhibit #1: This picture above, shows the thoughtfulness abounding even on my way home. What a refreshing change to see drivers stop at a light and leave ample room in front of them. You never know when the driver in front of you may suddenly need to back up a couple hundred feet in your direction. You can never be too careful. This driver just went that extra mile.

Exhibit #2: This mom's vehicle plate exhibits such spirit. I like her "MOMSCAB" proclamation. It shouts, "Hey, Mom just crossed the picket line at the Iron Workers Local 131."

She also could be a Curad Salesperson, but highly unlikely. I feel she is simply proclaiming her consideration to paint her van in yellow and black checkers. How refreshing to see the fuel industry blossoming with overwhelming support. I'm considering a license plate that says, "POS VAN" but I hear it might not fit.

Exhibit #3: This picture above is of a different red minivan with a driver possessing the most splendid resourcefulness. I would have never been so clever to transform my rear view mirror and the center chunk of the windshield into a pink, lush tropical garden.

This driver is so lucky to have x-ray vision to see through the foliage to safely navigate traffic. At her fingertips is the convenience of a half a dozen Hawaiian lei's, two air fresheners and a Jezebel's portion of Marti Gras beads. You never know when you might need a lei. (hey, pipe down in the peanut gallery)

I was also touched by her creativity to make the decor so entirely huge that she'd never have to dust her dash.

That was my drive for the day. Talk about escaping from the norm? I don't believe I could have handled any more goodwill...at least not without my cell phone/camera battery charged.

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