27 May 2007

Tea Time

I've been at a birthday tea party today for my daughter's friend. I ended up schmoozing with moms I don't know and feeling a skiff overdressed for the occasion. I didn't realize the invitation meant just the daughters when it said "girls, wear your nice party dresses". I'm a dork. A dork with pantyhose on.

Speaking of pantyhose, I am convinced these were fashioned by men, solely because men would never be so foolish to consider donning an undergarment, produced from a plastic egg labeled "Beige Taupe". This would be the same undergarment that cuts you off at the waist, while sucking everything you regularly flaunt into a Jimmy Dean sausage-like prison and hiding any uncomely leg hair. Being tall does not have an advantage in this particular garment arena unless you prefer the crotch of your undergarments to sag pitifully to your lowest knee regions.

The party was fun and even though I felt left out of this group of women, overdressed and woefully inadequate when it came to craft time, my girls had great fun. Not all was lost either, the food was really good and they came away with a years worth of finished crafts topped with a flower hat.

Tea, mini muffins, tarts, and cucumber sandwiches were the fare for the day. It was really fun.

Although, it appeared I was the only one partaking of the food. I was overdressed, feeling left out of future parties being discussed openly at my table. I sat eating handfuls of petite fours and little tea sandwiches as I listened to parties I wouldn't be going to. I guess I wore my invisible clothes today. :eyeroll:

What I didn't understand was why these women were not eating? Is it not cool to eat food anymore? I don't think I got that memo. Apparently, I'm the only one that eats sugar, wheat or anything that is solid or liquid.

I'm going to enjoy Memorial Day working on my genealogy. See you on the other side.

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Anonymous said...

My daughter and I went to a play last night and we both wore pantyhose. At one point she said, without my prompting, "Mama I think a boy invented nylons, just to be mean to us girls."

Smart-as-all-get-out-kiddo-of-mine, eh?

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