20 October 2007

Guilty Dreams and Rainy Days

I awoke to rain this morning. I love it. Growing up in the Pacific NW for most of my youth, I learned to love the rain and ignore the usual sentiment of suicidal cloudy gloom and a dockets worth of fender benders.

For my kids, rain is the signal to behave like room hobos. For me, I have the overwhelming urge to bake and drink obscene amounts of coffee. And read a book. I'm not good at baking. This is not a perfect scenario.

Not good at baking=burns lots of doorstoppy things.

Last night, Mr. Coffee and I saw the Transformers movie. Great popcorn and action show.

I also caught Elizabeth: The Golden Age with friend and fellow blogger, Dapoppins. Out. Standing flick, as I love history and have it be known Clive Owen is the ugliest person on the planet but I managed.

Speaking of, I've mentioned it before in passing but do you think it's odd that I constantly have a dream that I'm making out with Mr. Coffee but he has Clive Owen's head?

I'm not complaining but I have a growing apprehension in my dream that I'm doing something terribly naughty, but yet not...because it is my husband.

If Mr. Coffee dreamt he made out with my body and Angelina's head, I think I would laugh.

I have been meaning to post these for your viewing pleasure. You can see Mr. Coffee does not even look like Clive. (click to enlarge these)

I've named Mr. Coffee such because I can't stand the acronym DH. DH like, Darling Hubby, Dumb Husband, Doltish Heathen, Dodo Head?

Despite my dislike for 'code names', I named him after my coffee: Tall, dark, and hot.

I am not complaining. I discovered even the barista's at the nearby Coffee Cleavage Shack refer to him with drink of choice in a fond manner, "Hey, it's Hotty Chocolate". This is done while they are bending down, hanging cleavage out the window to hand over a drink.

~Bee says that Clive kisses just like Mr. Coffee. Weird...

PS. you can get your own facial recognition at: Myheritage.com


Anonymous said...

Eh, you can't control it so I say enjoy it. Any and all make-out dreams are to be embraced. That's my philosophy!

Anonymous said...

Since I don't know what Mr. Coffee kisses like, I'm going to have to take your word for it. But that is awfully funny!

Anonymous said...

I don't have makeout dreams. Seems weird I only hear of women having these.


Anonymous said...

What I want to know is...when DON'T you drink obscene amounts of coffee. Are you saying that is only true when its rainy?

Anonymous said...

At least it's an attractive head :D Clive is delicious. I wish I were so lucky. I have had dreams about Leslie Neilson, Henry Winkler and Conan O'Brien. The first two I can blame on pregnancy. My latest dream tryst? Sam Waterson from Law and Order. Umm, yeah ;)

I call my husband the MISU- Male Income Support Unit.

Anonymous said...

I am afraid my celebrity look-alikes would be Woody Allen, Larry King, and so on.

I like the rain too. It is always really cool at night. It gets very quiet and still outside, then you can hear it pouring down on the roof. The distant and sometimes not so distant thunder. The flashes of light. Very cool.

Anonymous said...

Heh, mine was Kate Winslet too... different pose, but same girl.

Anonymous said...

What happens in dreamland stays in dreamland, I'm thinking.

Can't wait to see the movie!

Anonymous said...

ditto on what heffalump said...

I think I'll update my celebrity lookalike thingy since I am now old and what not

Anonymous said...

Dream away! I hope his head doesn't turn into a really hideous guy in your dreams, then they'd be nightmares.

Rainy days make me want to bake and eat too.
Well, most any day makes me want to do that.

I sure like the first Elizabeth movie that Cate Blanchett was in. I will have to see this new one.
I usually end up seeing movies when they come to pay per view. I'm always behind the times.

Anonymous said...

it's been an eternity since we had any decent rain.

i too drink coffee when it rains....and copious amounts of alcohol when it doesn't.

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