21 October 2007

This Post Does Not Deserve An Award

I got sick about 3 years ago. Not that it's exciting blog fodder, just that I had bronchitis, strep, double ear, sinus and lung infection. Another exciting walk in the park.

Ever since, I get sick and it does feel like I'm going to cough up a lung. I hate feeling like my body is falling apart, maybe that's why I like learning about physiology so much. So much, in fact that when I go to school in fall of '08, I will be pursuing something in the medical field.

Since I'll be going back to school in my mid 30s, I'm going to strive for something that makes a lot of good bread. Forget the Hippocratic Oath and helping our fellow man! I need some cold hard cash. I enjoy writing but even the amazing author Laurie Notaro told me there were many years that she was hungry.

(can I drop names like that?)

Speaking of medical, I have been thinking. If identical twins marry identical twins and they each have children, are the children biological siblings or cousins?

My brain does not shut down. This post however...off to make dinner.

~Bee makes good lasagna


Anonymous said...

Medical job that makes good bread? Be a malpractice attorney! Or better yet, a claims denier - I mean adjuster - for a medical insurance company! Them's who's got tha bling, yo.

PS: I'm first!


Anonymous said...

I have faith in your bread-making abilities! You're as sharp as a tack, you are! And your twin question just boggled my mind. Boggled it, I say!!

Congrats on the award!

Anonymous said...

I forgot to eat dinner on Sunday. Actually I forgot to eat anything. I just had a few handfuls of movie popcorn. I do not feel so great right now.

You do not think Woody Allen and Larry King look like lizards?

Anonymous said...

I like you, you're a really nice ladyyyyy

Anonymous said...

genetically I think they are siblings. :)

Anonymous said...

dawn is right, genetically they are siblings. That's why rr and I always planned to marry twins (until we decided that for us, marriage=ick). Well, except rr recently read an article that said your genes can mutate a bit over time, so by the time identical twins are older, their genes may not longer be 100% the same. Or something. I didn't read the article. But it was something like that.

Congrats on your plan to go back to school. If you need moral support, you got it! Anyone who goes back to school in her 30s, I'm there to support her!

Anonymous said...

wait? The breakout blogger award IS NOT a zit award?!! Ugh, you an avery need to give yours back!!

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