22 December 2007

Many Bothans Died To Bring You This Post

Back from hiatus already. You thought I could stay away?


I took a break in the routine and I'll be back on the 31st. This break has reluctantly forced me to see there are things I've been grossly neglecting.

It's easy to do my work and intermittently blog throughout the day. But in the evenings I need time with family, finishing my sewing projects, or file away my File Pile that is overtaking my desk. There are kids to parent, movies to see, other bloggers I haven't read in a while, books, hanging out with friends, or my favorite pastime spent curled up with a book and a bottle of Tequila glass of Riesling.

I was Hmmmm, last night dear Mother.... (name that movie!)

I could go on and on about this wondrous blogland until you glaze over reading this post, die of boredom, and the police find you days later after the neighbor complains.

I'll spare you...and your neighbor.

Nothing makes me crazier than making a friend online, and then one day without warning, they decide to close their blog because they are busy. Like they have a life or something...pfft.

I admittedly write online and blog for relationships. I don't have too many local friends. Most think I'm too forthright. I say something and they think it has some hidden meaning.

Some bloggers go to 'private' blogs or have stalking issues, I completely understand. But this is more about blogs I faithfully read, and care about the friendship. One day they disappear forever, the 'friend' never to be heard from again, leaving behind an old profile and a blogger address soon to be scooped up by ad spammers.

Well, nice knowing you, you non-blogging, bucket of boogers. Thanks for your friendship. Fine, you are SO off my blogroll. I'm not wearing this BFF ink forever, you know.

*I* wouldn't disappear in a million years. Who would fill your nostrils with milk and contribute to your eyeball rolling exercises? I cannot leave this up to just anyone.

I struggle with time-management and although I declare myself a non-descript humor blog, I am a blogger who is also a mother. I'm married to Mr Coffee, which therefore makes me responsible for all pampering , feeding, cleaning, and back rubbing.

And submitting in a subservient manner.

hahaha, no, stop. my side.....hahaha......

I am also responsible for a few cherub-faced children.

Do you care, for instance, how many loads of laundry I do every single day (read: seven or eight).

Do you care how many seconds I must stand there in front of a stove to produce dinner?

Where this may not prove to be exciting blog fodder, I might......no, not even then.

I've thought long and hard, and I will be slowing down a bit with a once a week post. This, I can do and this keeps me from becoming the non-blogging bucket of boogers I despise so.

Have a very Merry Christmas.

~Bee says many Bothans died to bring you this information.


Anonymous said...

it's actually "incon-theevable"
Now you're doing it.

I recognize a dear john letter when I see on. I wrote one months ago....

can mr. coffee start blogging please?

Anonymous said...

A THURSDAY, that is.

Anonymous said...

Man, I've got a file pile, too.

Maybe some weeks, you could throw in a Thursay, too. You never know. I blog when I have tons of other things to do and feel overwhelmed. It helps me get moving again.

Anonymous said...

Umm...only Monday's? Like...that's nowhere near frequent enough of a fix for me.

Still, it prevents me from scowling at you and calling you nasty names, so I guess you win.

I'm going to go pout somehwere for awhile. Okay, not really, I've got groceries to put away. But if I weren't busy I'd soooo be pouting right now.

Anonymous said...

I've slowed down on both posting and reading lately but I don't forget my friends.

A very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours.



Anonymous said...

it's amazing that you find time to blog as often as you do.

the fact that one meets (electronically) new and mostly nice people makes it sort of addictive, i think.

hope you and your crew have a very happy xmas.

Anonymous said...

You're still the 'bees knees' to me...even if it's only on Mondays...I can live with/for that!!

Merry Christmas to the person who always...I mean always....has me spraying Frappucinno out my nose!!!

I miss Doozie to ;(

The Bipolar Diaries

Anonymous said...

I know someone who is getting the newly re-released Princess Bride on DVD with a bonus book for Christmas!

I have always stood in amazment that you can blog as much as you did with 4 children!

Have fun in the oxygen world...hope YOU are the recipient of a few back rubs!

Anonymous said...

i understand this completely. sometimes i think i'm going to spontaneously combust from all the sleep i'm depriving myself of. dang blog. it's fun, but sheesh, all the stuff that remains undone...

but at least there will be a once-weekly passage of tea through nostril. i don't think i could go without that. my keyboard thanks you. it has grown accustomed to the tea-bath.

Anonymous said...

I totally understand.........thank GOD you're still gonna post once a week.

Anonymous said...

I love forthright and honest. Woman who say what they mean are the kind of women I stalk for friendship. Now in my advanced years I settle for no less.

I totally get the need to find time for all the other stuff you want and need to do. Once a week is good, and THANKS for now dropping off the face of the internet.

(I'm still planning a get together sometime so that I can be properly initiated into your scissor-kicking gang.)

Anonymous said...

NOT dropping off is what I meant to say. Sheesh.

Anonymous said...


I will not accept this

Anonymous said...

Isn't a hiatus a nasty kind of hernia?

I think I had one of those when I was still a baby. And now I have a faint scar through my pubes to show for it. (As if anybody cares...)

Entertaining blog you got here!

Have an Entertaining Yule"tide"
and a
Fantastic 2008!

"Vol 2"....


Anonymous said...

I am probably not going anywhere anytime soon. Hell I have been blogging daily (with a few days here and there missing) for over 2 years now. What are the odds I will just suddenly stop now?

Anonymous said...

Meet Me In St. Louis! I love that movie.
I'm glad YOU'RE not giving up the ghost... you're a funny lady. I like reading your stuff.

Anonymous said...

I read the post you linked to about pretending to do it all. so very very true!

Anonymous said...

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!
Happy 2008!!

Anonymous said...

You know, blogs require a lot more maintenance than I expected when I started this 2 years ago. Turns out if you actually like commenters, then you have to comment back on theirs! Go figure. Of course, the more comments you want the MORE you have to comment back etc until eventually you're do nothing else but reading and commenting and trying to squeeze in a snappy post of your own somewhere in between all that.

(Already too) long story short, I understand why you're dialing back.

Anonymous said...

Meet Me in St. Louis! I see that I'm not the first person to get it, but I still had to play. And now I'll go finish reading your post.

Anonymous said...

I know this feeling well.. i have had such problems with time management.. looks like you are doing better then i did though:)

Anonymous said...

It's like Monday Morning Coffee! Bee Style!

Anonymous said...

You quoted Mon Mothma from RotJ?

Bee, you sly minx, stop falling in love with me!


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