30 May 2008

Might As Well Face It You're Addicted To Blog

I woke up this morning with an epiphany of a blog. I'd thought I'd write and tell my loyal blogs how much I blog what I do. How writing every day has changed my blog for the better.

I was introduced to blogging by a friend over 4 blogs ago. I had no blog it would be so much fun. I get to write and expand that creative blog of me that I discovered lying dormant for so blog.

I’m a woman who can't wait to pound on her blog every morning. Ever since my blogs went back to school, I get online and write away to my blog's content. Now everything I do has turned into an hobby of creative blogging. I can’t turn around without thinking, "That could go in my blog!".

I hear a blog on the radio. Coldplay singing of the "Speed of Blogs" or the Ting Tings rocking out, "Shut up and Let Me Blog". I turned on my TV and I see McBlogger on Grey's Anatomy or blue-mouthed Gordon Ramsey yelling to the blogs on Hell's Kitchen, "SHUT the BLOG UP!" I can't stop thinking about the blog of my next post. It's always at the forefront of my blog what I can post next.

Maybe I should just get out of my house, jump in my blog and take the blogs to Blogs R Us. This weekend I may just take them to the park. They love to blog on the slide to get some fresh blog in their lungs. I typically end up seeing a photo op and whip out my camera and start taking blogs.

I know I shouldn’t be so blog on myself for exploring this side of me and enjoying what I do. I have very little outlets to meet other blogs like me, with four blogs and a wonderful Mr. Blog. And it keeps me fueled by that glorious morning brew I call blog.

Maybe I am making this into a blog deal. Do you think I’m a blog addict? I blog not.

This week I hope to blog to this laundry and the kitchen needs to be worked over with a fine tooth blog. My house is not too messy (no one likes a dirty blog, you know) so bring on the sunshine! I will make sure to get blog to you later.

Till then,

~Bee likes blogging almost as much as coffee


Anonymous said...

I think there's only one sentence in there that doesn't have "blog" in it...

Anonymous said...

I can't relate AT ALL...okay, maybe just a little. Ahem, a lot? I blog in my sleep, I dream about my blog. My relatives think I have no friends only "make believe" friends from on my blog. They snort in derision when I talk about one of my bloggy friends. They have these knowing looks as they roll their eyes. Well, I don't care. Blogging has made me a better person. Unfortunately it has not made my house cleaner. Oh, well. A girl has to get her priorities straight, I tell ya.

Heather said...

Snort. Oh yes--though now Twitter is mixing in with the blog. Though not sure if equal to coffee.

Gen said...

Nice post! Now if you don't mind, I'm going to blog my nose and then go sit on the blog and take a blog.

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

You are so dang clever.

I like you anyways.

Jaina said...

Oh Bee, you crack me up!

That Janie Girl said...

That's blogging funny! You blog me up.

dawn224 said...

Snort. I suddenly miss the Smurfs.

Clare said...

Brilliant :).

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

I recommend you see a blogger about your blogiction. They are trained to diagnose blogitis and can legally prescribe Blogidin which can help prevent permanent blogitis. I'm only telling you this because I'm your friend.

Whistle Britches said...

A blog a day keeps the blogtor away.

A blogger saved is a blogger earned.

Blog that Blogger Music Blog Boy.

She's a Blog....House! Lookin' bloggy bloggy, letting her blog hang out.

I can't get no...Blogisfaction!

Blogla, you got me on my knees.

I'd better blog here.

Doozie said...

Just say no to blogs!!

Nancy Reagan thought that up. She was way ahead of her time. Is she dead yet?


holly said...

i blogging love this. and i blogged my butt off reading it. BMAO!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't talk to me; I'm only going to enable you (us junkies stick together, you know!)

By the way, I popped over here to read your blog, of course, but also to tell you I'm giving you a little award (the post in the works)! :)

cathouse teri said...

Yay! I found you! (I knew it had something to do with "bees" but that didn't help me much.)

I see you are having a helluva blogging time of it, too!

Anonymous said...

Oh My Freakin' Blog! I just blogged my pants. Blog you.

Suzy-Q said...

I puffy blog you Bee!!

Jo Beaufoix said...

blog blog blog blog bloggety blog blog, don't you think?

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