30 June 2008

Get Wind of This Aromatherapy Study

Coffee is my requirement to kick start the day but who would have thought this ground breaking study would reveal the coffee we smell can be as important as the coffee we drink?

Scientists have discovered that waking up and simply smelling the coffee can give you some astonishing health benefits. The Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry reports that lab rats exposed to the aroma of roasted coffee instantly produced brain proteins that provided antioxidants and chemicals to combat stresses onset by sleeplessness.

Apparently, Folgers had more than a catchy jingle on TV. The best part of waking up is in fact, coffee aromas hitting your olfactory nerve.

Can you think of other smells that set off chemical reactions? I can and these reactions are impossible to ignore.

The smell of dirty socks levitate me toward the washing machine.

Hot car smell makes me drive to my mechanic.

Pee smell makes me wonder what made me laugh so hard.

Eternity for Men makes me check the bottom of my shoes.

Electrical smells make me run around the house looking for what appliance I've left on.

Tire smell gives me the overwhelming urge to watch bad daytime television while eating popcorn.

Hospital cleaner smells makes me have a baby.

Burnt oven smell produces a phone call for takeout Chinese.

Fresh baked cookie smell incites hunger and an immediate household stampede toward my kitchen.

Rotten granola bar smell makes me clean my van out.

Smell of the beach makes me apply sunscreen.

A simple whiff of flowers handed to me by Mr Coffee is a study I've done for nearly 15 years. That smell makes me pucker up instantaneously for a long kiss. However, the combination of the smell of chocolate, flowers, and Mr Coffee's cologne make me want to kiss, date, and procreate.

What? It's a triple whammy in the name of science.

I'm tempted to dedicate myself to smelling my school year book. Perhaps it would take away facial wrinkles and the powers of gravity wreaking havoc on my person.

More research should be done on coffee aromatherapy. Although, nothing can replace the smell and taste of a freshly brewed pot of coffee...well, except by the flower-kissy date-chocolate combo smell.

Take that, science people.

Energizing Coffee


Jodi said...

Haha, let me know how that year book sniffing things works out, I may have to try it!

Blank said...

Dahling, I have surfaced temporarily to hand out awards. Will you be picking yours up or shall I have it shipped?

Ed (zoesdad) said...

My nose doesn't work properly (sinuses) I have to go on visuals. Have you done any visual studies?

holly said...

ooooh that coffee thing makes sO much sense! why didn't i ever *think* of that, dang it? i am HIGHLY in love with smells. back in the 90s, all you had to do was wear drakkar noir, and it didn't matter who you were, i was yours. thankfully, only men wore it, to the best of my knowledge.

Jaina said...

Haha, makes sense. Scent memory really is incredibly powerful. It's also incredibly annoying when you can't place a scent.

Dapoppins said...

what a surprise! Hopsital smell makes me have babies too!

Doozie said...

you wanna have babies a lot

R said...

I am so sick of studies. They don't prove anything.

Suzy-Q said...

Have you heard of the scents called SmellThis?? Very yummy! Cookie Dough, Clean Hair, Beach, Fresh Towels. I bought several of the small test scents and I loved them. My fave was beach.

I love the smell of coffee. I loved the smell of coffee BEFORE I loved the taste. :o) I want an alarm clock that sprays coffee smell on me til I wake up.

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