03 July 2008

Drink and Drive and I'll Scissor Kick Your Head

I hope you all have a fantastic Fourth of July weekend. We love our fireworks in this state, so mortars will abound while the sound of fire engines mix it up with the explosions.

We are Washingtonians. We are pyros. Resistance is futile.

Take time to remember that many men died for your independence. Independence in speech, in relationships, in religion, in freedoms that make this country one of the best in the world.

However, these men did not die for you to be stupid and drink and drive. Be safe, find a designated driver or a couch. If you are lucky you may just find a designated driver on the couch with you.

(Wocka wocka!)

Happy Fourth of July!!


Jo Beaufoix said...

Happy 4th July sweetie. And that is a cool message to go with. Drink driving is just bad. x

Anonymous said...

Wocka wocka, that's funny I use to be a linguist in the Army.

Happy 4th of July.

I don't drink. Not to be unsociable but just in case I need to kill someone with my bare hands, I want to be sharp.

Gen said...

I think I'll just stay home and not drink or drive. I hate the 4th. Fireworks in the hands of my children scares me, but I feel like a horrible mother if I tell them no. bleh.

Mary Alice said...

Excellent safety briefing....Military Man may have you come out and brief the squadron before the next holiday three day weekend!

holly said...

if you're in scissor-kicking mode, can i give you a list of people? i'm sure they drove drunk at some point. but they really need scissor-kicking *now*.

can we make a deal?

okay happy 4th anyway. :)

That Janie Girl said...

What a great message! Happy 4th!

R said...

Not to mention drunkenness is a sin.


Doozie said...

I never drink and drive, I might spill my beer and waste it

Jaina said...

Much agreed. Hope you had a happy 4th!

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~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe