21 February 2007

At least I didn't get strip searched

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Today was a day like any other day, except with lots of barfing and being informed two school lunch tickets needed renewing. Oh, and a negative balance in my bank account. I'm pretty sure my bank wants to own my soul..automatic withdrawal issues are killing me.

I'm now sleep-deprived, staying up too late despite the sick bugs lingering at our house. I have taken to wielding my wicked pen. Millions await me as I am writing for Helium and Epinions. Okay, not millions, but if it pays for my light bill every month? Covers my coffee habit? It's not much, but it's something.

I was talking with a friend this morning and she told me she was having white coffee. I did not know there was such a thing? What ant hill have I been living under?

I've been looking for part-time work as I've said over and over and over. I did happen to score an interview, though. It was a couple weeks back for a travel agency in Portland and never heard back after the interview. Does this happen often? It's so entirely unprofessional. I hand over enough material that would keep an identity theft ring supplied for months and I don't even get a call. I don't even get a note saying "You weren't the best, but you did stink less than the majority. Better luck next time."

The process just to get an interview alone should earn me the Presidential Medal of Freedom. I'm answering questions that make the Spanish Inquisition cringe:

"If you find you are under stress at work, do you?:

a) Always use the loudest office shredder when your co-workers are on the phone and forward all SPAM and junk mail.

b) Email your office with a nuclear threat.

c) Quit and sue the employer after shaving your head.

d) Work harder as a team player cause everyone needs to work together. Learn the words to Kumbaya.

e) Ignore the problems until they build up and make you go to the employee parking and scratch 'Hitler' into your bosses Mercedes.

After the 120 questions you finally get your interview. I won't go over the gory details, I would safely say this was my worst interview EVER. Okay, okay, I'll spill it.

I ended up 20 minutes late due to the bridge being up, in flip flops rather than my previously worn dress shoes full of child's sick. I was not prepared for the geography test and application I 'wasn't needing to fill out'. What I did need was answers to their questions to solve their own Human Resources non-existent nepotism policy (as I was referred to the job by an employee / family member). I proceed out to my van. In flip-flops. Guess what I get? A $24 parking ticket on my windshield for being over by two minutes. I think it was a sign to say no even if they offered it to me.

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