15 October 2007

Blog Action Day Means Recycled Post

I'd like to point out that I'm recycling a post on the recycling environment. Does this count? Of course, it does.

I am a self proclaimed Recycle Queen. Just call me RQ. If there is a recycle award, and there should be, my name would top the list.

Mr Coffee can attest to my status as OCD and Recycle Queen coming together in moments where I go dumpster diving to avoid having a 3x3 paper packaging go in the garbage.

I was raised in Oregon where they recycle everything. It is ingrained from birth when they give you your first tree at the hospital with a complimentary bottle of patchouli-scented baby powder in a 100% post-recycled, organic, unbleached hemp tote. It reads, "Recycle This, Dammit!"

Seriously? Oregon is a conscientious state, recycling paint, tires, bottles, cans, toilet paper, medical mary jane, you know the usual.

The word is already out that Soylent Green is people otherwise Oregon would recycle them, too. Tastes like chicken.

Every week I triumphantly place my FOUR overflowing containers at the curb with satisfaction that I'm doing my part. It's the most beautiful abundance of properly washed, squashed and sorted recyclables. I laugh victoriously as my neighbors put out their measly little box every week thinking they are going to out-recycle me.

Time to put out the oil jugs and Recycling approved box of batteries.

Of all things to recycle, plastic grocery bags are not included which I take back to the store or reuse as dirty diaper bags. I just don't think this is what Albertsons or my garbage company had in mind.

At least the boy earns double points for imagination. I never thought to place a FRESH logo over my banola and loop my arms in the handles.

You should have seen mine. I wore it frontwards and it looked more like a really lame bra and obscene message across my chest.

If you think I'm going overboard? Consider this:

A typical family consumes 182 gallons of pop, 29 gallons of juice, 104 gallons of milk, and 26 gallons of bottled water a year.

That's a lot of containers.

~Bee Repartee is recycle friendly


Anonymous said...

I wanna live someplace cool like you.

Actually our city is decently progressive for the area .... Just not Oregon hemp cool

Anonymous said...

Hmm. You and rr may have to duke it out for the Recycling Queen title. I mean, I feel pretty good about how much recycling I do, but rr has me beat by a long, long mile.

So, does this post mean that if I blog about the environment, at least one person (out of the maybe 4 that read my blog) won't be rolling her eyes at me?

Have we talked about this before? I swear, you could have posted on this yesterday and I would have already forgotten. I need one of those remembery drugs.

Anonymous said...

Soylent Green... the real reason why Oregonians smoke so much hemp.

Anonymous said...

My wife taight a recycling class to her kindergarteners last year and now we recycle everything. I had no idea my wife got so many drinks out of styrofoam cups.


Anonymous said...

Yay, Earth!!

Anonymous said...

Our city garbage company has recycling...but they reject just about everything we put out, just leaving it there on the curb. It says it's recyclable, it's clean, but it doesn't meet some sort of invisible standard, so they reject it. So, hate to say it, but we don't bother. I want to move outside the city limits where we can get a real garbage company.

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