04 August 2021

Guiltless Pleasures

Hi, Dear Readers.

Its time to clip my nails. 

Cann you teell?

I have few guilty pleasures and no, clipping nails isn't one of them. Specifically, I have exactly zero guilty pleasures because nothing accomplished in a healthy way causes me regret. I've never subscribed to the ideal that a luxury, hobby, or a soul-feeding activity should make me feel guilty. Chocolate? No. Cheesecake. Bread. Food as a whole and carbs in general. But this extends to more than just food. 

Everyone should have something that feeds their soul. This is especially true for parents. Nothing is as rewarding as children. Nothing is as draining either. I know, because I am one. A parent. Not a child. You get it...

Reading, hiking, a daily coffee with a friend, the gym, or a continuously clean house. Self-care is the catalyst to being at your personal best to be healthy and able to give back. If the last year and a half taught us anything, it taught us what is important. To enjoy life to the fullest, hold close those who you care about and love, and not feel guilty about any of it. Feeling guilty implies you have bad or unhealthy motives. Taking care of you is far from unhealthy.

My non-guilty pleasures? I get my nails shellacked. As a former compulsive nail biter, this was a Good Thing. Makes me feel feminine and put together.

A glass of wine. Imported beer. A finger of whiskey nightcap.

When I went to a job, before I was a girl boss, I used to do my daily Starbucks run. Now I buy Beaniac K pods (compostable!) and I have my coffee at home while saving my pocketbook and the planet. 

Reading. I'm a fiction reader. Sometimes, I'll throw in science writing, a rare biography, or cookbooks. My To-Be-Read pile is forever growing. I read to escape. Calms my brain.

 I swim and go to the gym. Endorphins and stress relief.

Morning coffee, mixed with protein and vitamins, along with collagen. I'm not a big breakfast person, aside from eating out. This helps get me going.

Plants. I own several....dozen.... plus. I find great joy in not killing my Boston fern, climbing roses, snake plant, hoya, clematis, flowers, and pothos plants.  I also have a nice herb garden, if I say so myself. 

No guilt. Just self-care. However that looks to you. Just do it.

~Bee says take care of you.

Listening to whatever musical my daughter has playing.


Bee Happy said...

Is it Newsies or Hamilton because she's shown me both and I was entertained by both. Christian Bale is practically a baby in Newsies and he SINGS. It's incredible lol

Bee said...

Actually, the writer of Hamilton wrote this one. Its a new movie.

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"One ought, every day at least, to hear a little song, read a good poem, see a fine picture, and if it were possible, to speak a few reasonable words."

~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe