11 November 2010

No, I'm Not Really In Nebraska

Bloggage. Bloggy. Bloggy McBloggerton.

I'm woefully absent but I've had good reason. This is where I leave an obnoxious post telling you how busy I am and why I haven't blogged. You can glaze over till the end ~cough, weenie, cough~ where I say I'll be around more often. Or you can suffer like everyone else and find out where all your dryer socks are going.

No, not Nebraska, but close....

I've been contemplating life's complexities and the reason for lost dryer socks. I'm not joking. Missing dryer socks are right up there with long division as a wonder of the world. Do you think that people in China or across the globe miss dryer socks, too? I bet they don't. They probably complain of lost washer socks, being on the other side of the world and all. Naturally, everything is inverted so they get our plethora of dryer socks and we get extra washer socks.

Like they say, it all comes out in the wash.

"They" probably have enough time to babysit the wash and perhaps even iron their sheets. Is there anyone who has that kind of time? No, I sleep on wrinkled sheets and when they are nice and flat then I know I need to change them. Kind of like a sheet version of an indicator toothbrush but with less discoloration. Or not.

"They" are also smart and probably retain all their socks, too. Washer and dryer kind.

I've really lost my writing mojo. Okay, so not true. My blogging mojo. So many of my blogging peeps have disappeared and gone on with their lives. Jeez, it's not like cancer needs to be cured or families going on with their lives and stuff.

There are a few times I'd say, gee, golly, that's a good thing to write about. I've lost some spontaneity in blogging but in return you'll see my book on the shelf one of these years. Better yet, on your shelf.

Kids are getting bigger, I'm taking school one quarter at a time depending on Mr Coffee's schedule. He is one of the few working in construction that is literally working so I have no grounds to stand and whine. He's staying busy and the kids are growing like weeds. I've said it before and I'll say again, I'm sure you don't really wanna hear how farging cute my kids are (even though they really are) but you come to read something to laugh about.

What is funny is how involved my kids are. They are the involved kids, where the carpool mom (that's me) drives all over Nebraska to get them to their activities. I have one in basketball, one is the President of the National Jr Honors Society, one playing violin, one playing clarinet, two playing piano, one in safety patrol, one soon to take up bowling, and later two, in track. Two schools, four kids, a living room remodel, my lifeline aka, my android phone with its assortment of social apps ready and waiting for that carpool lane, aaaaaaand about 50 overdue library books.

Can you see why I didn't quite make it to school this quarter? I'm not complaining just burning up a third world country in gas.

This is the heart of why I haven't blogged in so long. I've been carrying on with life. Book reading, coffee drinking, movie watching, iTunes downloading, date going, phone calling, BFF visiting, carpooling, choring, weight losing (like a whole person), and loving my life. I also have pumpkin pie for 14 to make for Thanksgiving.

You are so jealous of my wrinkled sheets and pie making marathon. I can feel it.

Can my days get any better? Certainly they can but I'm content. Lost dryer socks, notwithstanding.

~time to unglaze, now....~

~Bee is listening to The War by Angels & Airwaves


Globegirl said...

I love you sis. And this reminds me...I should really get a post up on my blog soon. xoxo

sarahgrace said...

Yeah... that's mostly why I haven't been blogging much lately too-
It's good to be enjoying and having a life though, crazy as it may be.

Dapoppins said...

How come your school has piano? My school didn't have piano. Or music lessons. I thought your kids went to an inner city school, in Nebraska!!! Since I am in the suburbs we should have had all that stuff.

And I think sheets these days are "self-ironing" because I have noticed less cool iron commercials and more cool vacuum commercials, because even that electronic thing isn't really a vacuum cleaner...

Heffalump said...

I know where the dryer socks go. Someday I am going to write a book about it...seriously.

... Paige said...

you mean I don't have to iron the sheets?

well sheets to the wind or wind blown sheets (bean night donchaknow)

I hang onto dryer socks and make rugs out of 'em (not really but it sounds funny in my head) althought that would be great way to make extra money, heck just make some money would be a good thing. Right?

as you know some of hard to die kinds will come read ya, whenever we notice there is a new post and sometimes when there is not a new post.

at least you don't talk about pee

Okay bye


pshene said...

Our missing socks wind up in the hallway. And in the living room. No, really.

Once a night, we hear this low mournful wail for about 20 minutes and then it stops. Moments later, socks are strewn from hell to breakfast.

At first, we naturally assumed it was a sock ghost, but several of us were finally lucky enough to witness this nightly ritual as our oldest cat takes folded socks from atop the dryer, summarily kills them and drags their cotton carcasses throughout our home.

This assuredly is meant as a dire warning against other small clothing that would dare to enter. Washcloths too have been slain.

We have theorized he is going senile.

Eliza Chimes said...

You are HIGHlarious! I have to wait in line to pick up my sister from school, as well. The waiting seems to be a never ending process so I always make sure to have my handy dandy cell phone charged and ready to defeat boredom. Never fails :)

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