10 May 2018

Conner Is In Jail Again

The lady next to us at the teriyaki place is not what I call a very private person. This phenomenon is what the US is known for: Loud Discussions About Your Business In Public Places.

Is this ego? Narcissism? Be jealous, ya'll? I have no filter? Whatever the reason, I have enough information here to be her bridesmaid. Maybe eavesdropping is rude, but there are voices and volumes very easy to ignore. Hers was not one of those.

She was happy to have lunch with Grandpa across the table. Things the entire restaurant now knows about her:
  • Her house just sold for 230k. They asked 220k. She cannot believe it. 
  • She will pay off all her loans with the new house. 
  • Thank God she dumped Jeff. 
  • It is going to be like, so hotter than hell this week and she has no AC. 
  • She needs to go swimming this week. 
  • The new house has an FDA loan. 
  • They are also pouring her concrete 
  • She ordered new countertops and has pictures here, here, and here. 
  •  She ran into Jeff, her ex, at the dealership. He was surprised she is pregnant with Greg's baby. 
  •  She is happy she is no longer with Jeff because she would still have so much debt. 
  • Grandpa went to the casino on Saturday. 
  • The white and black rice looks gross. 
  • She and Greg might get married in a barn at the farmer's market farm place or in Hawaii. 
  • Conner is probably in jail. No one has heard from him. But we know Conner. 
  • Grandpa's shoulder is bad and he needs to go to the ER. 
  • No really, he can barely move it. 
  • Doctors are idiots. 
  • She has high blood pressure but it's not bad for the baby, yet. 
  • She has a red truck to sell for $2400.00 - we all hope it sells.
  • Her company picnic was this weekend. 
  • Pam and Verna need to eat at this place near her house. 
  • They have clam strips and outside seating. 
  • She has a 6:30 shellac nail appointment today for two. ....that's about it. 

 Personally, I think Jeff dodged a bullet.

Bee is listening to Spectre by Tycho


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