31 December 2018

2019 Project Don't Settle

I write a personal motto every year in lieu of resolutions. It helps me focus and streamline my goals. In 2018, my motto was Simplify.

I threw out or donated so much stuff and clutter. I don't miss it.

I focused on my family with simple steps: better meals and cleaner house.

Focused on my business, which involved me quitting my job and doing what I love. A leap of faith is scary when business and your livelihood is impacted. But also beneficial to my health and lowering stress. I left a job where management found it easier to ask for forgiveness than permission in business. I have zero friends exemplifying this, why would I tolerate an employer doing the same...especially when I would be the one to fix their self-infliction. I wish the doctor the best, but this biller and coder is not one to sacrifice my work ethic (or legal freedom) for anyone.

My lesson was sometimes simplifying means saying "No" or backing away. Don't go away mad, just go away.

I also cut down on hobbies and getting rid of half finished "projects". What a huge stress relief this step created. Fabric to sew, files to purge, cleaning closets, and stop procrastinating. I cut my book reading down to a book in 2 weeks from 3 books a week. Time saver to do what I really wanted to get done. But this extra time simplified my life.

I've also lost 32 lbs this year (nix the desk job!) and stayed on top of my health. Huzzah for blood draws and crap thyroids.

My motto for 2019: Don't Settle

I cannot settle for less when hard work and perseverance are my only obstacles in achieving my best life.

What does that look like?

My couches, while free and a huge blessing, need replacing. Kids are moving out and I need to rearrange the house. In turn, couches will become a blessing to someone else.

Make certain I don't give hubs the last bit of me, aka little time or energy. He deserves more than the scraps left after kids, business, or obligations.

Taking time with financial records. No headless chickens during tax season.

Allowing toxic people to walk away. It still hurts but I will not convince someone to be my friend.

I will take my vitamins and thyroid meds on schedule. How I will do this, I still haven't figured out.

Sticking to social commitments even when I go Full Introvert.

Hang plants in my house because I freaking love plants even though I feel like this is an extra expense.

My expenses (aka money spent on me) are not extra expenses. Bi-annual hair cuts should not make me feel guilty.

Be thoughtful and mindful of others. This is the person I want to be.

Be kind and stay honest. Honesty without diplomacy just means you are rude.

Push through exercise. I am only as successful as the strength of my own resolve.

Remember the things that fill my emotional tank. Do those things.

Be an active listener. Big families become unintentional interrupters. Regardless of intent, it is a habit to break.

Managing time wisely means purpose and achievement. Wasting time is settling.

Distractions are the worst kind of settling. Usually in the form of excuse. Like why I am not getting healthy sleep at a regular bedtime.

This year will be interesting. Happy 2019!

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~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe