21 May 2010

How Do You Feel?

Feeling Bookish
I'm starting on a few books. One I haven't read, always wanted to. East of Eden by John Steinbeck. I loved his Of Mice and Men so I've added another book to my ever-growing read list. I'd say summer-read list, but it should take me a long while to get through it all. I should be done by 2075.

Feeling Safe
My upstairs neighbor regularly comes to my door to chat. She decided not to come home on Monday essentially scaring the life out of her roommates and me, of course. Today she appeared upstairs, safe and healthy after I'd given my statement to the detective/officer dealing with her missing person case. Giving a statement to the police has always made me nervous. I'm sure it's a kickback to my childhood...maybe something deep-seated in my mind from foster homes. Or something even more traumatic like my distaste of polyester after a possible incident with blue polyester pants blown out in the crotchal region during school recess...or lima beans.

Seriously, lima beans are gross.

Feeling Musical
I have three whole songs now that I want and can't find on iTunes or in the big music warehouse down in P-town. They said to try Amazon.
In Love With A Friend by Deep Dish
Heima (acoustic) by Sigur Ros
and Progress by MuteMath

Let's make that four songs: Whatcher Problem Apple I Wanna Buy These by Bee Repartee.

The only upside is my project playlist to listen to my hearts content. If you are interested... my playlists.

Feeling Kinda Dumb
I found out today my college instructor is my age, older by only two months. This makes me feel a bit underachieved and frankly, dumb as a post because well, he is also a doctor. I am not.

Eleanor Roosevelt said, "No one can make you feel inferior without your permission."  Obviously, she never went back to school after an 18 year sabbatical to learn about ciliated pseudo-stratified columnar epithelial tissue after cramming her brain with 10+ years of Blues Clues and potty-training.

Smart lady, that Eleanor, but no matter how innocuous BC's Steven and Joe may appear they are SO giving me permission on feeling inferior...without my permission. Know why? It's because Blues Clues is merely a cleverly disguised weapon of brain destruction. I could have been a doctor, remember? Of course you do. You probably haven't had 10 years of brain destruction either.

Regardless, I wouldn't trade my kids for the world. I'd take an "A" in my bio class but trading the world? Still no dice. I have my standards.

Feeling Full
Dinner was sesame chicken teriyaki w/rice. Sauce from scratch turned out really good, too. My seven year old, Lolo, helped with most of dinner preparations only threatening once to destroy dinner with her contribution to the spicing: hovering over dinner with an entire jar of yellow curry. More importantly, an entire open jar of yellow curry. It was rescued and I swiftly replaced the jar with utensils du jour to allow Lolo's creative mind to engage in piracy...or teach Padawan manners...or perhaps direct the kitchen orchestra. As she sat on the counter in her red and white checkered apron and wielding double-fisted utensils, I couldn't stop the grins and quickly committed the scene to memory. After bellies were soon sated with dinner, homework was done, and I felt nothing but thankful for many things.

Music that played and filled the house.

A book next to my bed, just waiting to be explored.

My family is safe and healthy.

I will get my degree, barring apocalyptic events.

Full of thanks to have cooked something yummy with my seven year old jedi/pirate/conductor.

Yes, Eleanor. I feel content and give myself permission to remember with my heart and my head.

It doesn't get much better than this...

~Listening to: The Heart of Life by John Mayer


Heffalump said...

Cooking with kids is always fun, and you are teaching her valuable skills so that when she grows up she doesn't have to subsist on mac and cheese and Ramen.

R said...

East of Eden is good. Don't know HOW you like Of Mice and Men, but to each his own.

I think you are the smartest, nut brown tressed woman alive.

... Paige said...

that's beautiful

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~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe