10 February 2006

college credits

Dropped Adult Education Summer Courses
From WSU


· Cell Phone Etiquette: Faking Static with Unwanted Callers

· Finding More Time to Spend Alone In Your Garage

· Dyslexic Atheism: Is There A Dog?

· Ego Gratification through Casual Dating

· Counseling for those in a Picture Perfect Childhood

· Optimizing Road Rage for a Quick Commute


· “Dot Com” Millionaires: Keeping It for More than One Year

· Debt Relief: Arson and Your Home

· Compost Your Way to Financial Freedom

· Booming Job Opportunities for Women in Afghanistan

· Scooters: Killing Machines or A Way to Get to Work?


· How to Write Your Own Urban Legend

· Optimizing Communication with Family Through SPAM

· Everyday Tips to Anonymous Blogger Comments

· Is There Life After Palm Pilot?

· Exaggerating Personal Information Online Through Creative Vocabulary

· Scanning Body parts Effectively

· The World Before Microsoft


· Animal Hair Macramé

· 101 Uses for Dryer Lint

· Creative Mold Cultivation with Dinner Leftovers

· Wind Chimes For the Home Using .45 Bullet Casings

· Your Rundown Car and the Modern Dog House


· Earwax Candle Making

· Quieting the Voices in Your Head through Massive Sedation

· Tips to Trimming Nose and Ear Hair Without Scissors

· How to Use Your Dryer to Minimize Washer Use


· How to Convert Your Hoover Vacuum into a Fully Automatic Weapon

· Converting Your Septic Tank into a Root Cellar

· Burglarproof Your Home with Barb Wire

· How to Communicate and Avoid Charges Using Collect Calls

· 5 Steps to Converting Your Hairdryer into a Bicycle Pump

· Disposable Diaper Recycling

· Plumbing and Duct Tape

· 101 Uses For the Clothes Iron

· Grenades: Aerate and Till Your Garden with Ease

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