13 March 2006

cooking in style

I must not have had enough coffee because I saved this as a draft. I'm a dork. (don't even agree with me...)

After requests for shoe pictures, how do you like these stacked boots?

They are so weird they are cool. Kinda like those drink hats with two straws that come around your ears and into your mouth. Weird, yet cool. Like a Van Halen T-shirt. Not hugely weird but cool. Like Michael Jackson. Okay, he is just weird.

My FIL, who is the best by the way, did not like these shoes. "Don't they kinda look like shoes a street walker would wear?" You have to know my FIL to see how funny it was for him to say that.

They are 'those kind of shoes' but only if I wore them with my spandex mini-skirt and fishnet top but the PTA would just complain and complain. (Like OMGOSH! WHAT-EVVER!?) Sunday School would rightly run me out of the building. Maybe not. But they do look good peeking out from the bottom of boot-cut jeans and they make me 6ft 2in. Tall is always good. I can even reach the corn starch without a kitchen stool. It's so important to look stylish and be consumed with vanity when you cook. I bet even Nigella Lawson has a pair of these bad boys.

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~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe