06 July 2007


I have a hypothetical question and answer for cell phone etiquette. I always text my hubby back unless I'm driving. But what do you do if you got a lovey dovey text from your honey, would you:

a) text back asap and say 'thanks'

b) do nothing

c) text back only when you could get a quiet moment and say lovey dovey things back

d) keep a list of pre-made text messages to reply back appropriately because you are typically indisposed

e) send back naughty messages and symbols representing body parts and giggle when they send back the same. (*)(*)

Um, nice eyes.

f) pretend like you didn't get it because you are playing hard to get.

g) Text back, "WEG, thats OTH, CU L8R, H&K, LYL"

h) text back telling them, "I don't have the blackmail money, PLEASE for the sake of my family, don't tell my boss.."

i) text back telling them, "GET LOST freaky stalker...I'm calling the police"

j) Call them and tell them that was The Best Text Message EVER!

So, what would you do?

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