18 November 2008

Bee-ing Real

I've decided to bust free this week. I've been writing 'quietly' since closing my old blog earlier this year. It's turned out more like I'm hiding 'out in the open'.

My reasoning was threefold:
1) I wanted to reinvent myself online
2) challenge my writing abilities
3) I'm still learning how to be okay with being me

I write about this openly because I refuse to suppress who I am because of fear. I refuse to hide my writing on the off-chance I may be misunderstood and make someone mad. If all writers wrote in the fear of offending someone, this world would be horribly absent of some of the greatest literature ever composed.

I stand in the truth that no one has the right to tell me how I feel. If you have issue with my sentiment? You should read elsewhere. I'm also not ashamed by anything I write. Which reminds me....excuse this short interruption.

I prefer making people laugh talking about my day. If I encourage another person, my work here is solid.

If you think I am writing about you, I am not.

Now with that out of the way, on to lovelier and sweeter things...

Did you know Starbucks' Advent Calenders have a little chocolate piece for each day to count down the days to Christmas? This is typical for an Advent Calendar but did you also know the label on said calendar has a nutritional value that states, "Serving Size = 3 pieces". Now how does that work?

This week is going to be interesting. I have a lot going on including a Woman's Mentoring thingie.

Typically, I don't look forward to any women's functions. Anyone else like this? I wake the morning of and dread going anywhere. But when I muster the strength to get to the activity, I'm always glad I went. Am I the only weird one like this?

Now, these moms are not the stereotype perfect June Cleaver Moms. These are real women with cheerios stuck in the seats of the van, degrees in PlayDoh, and a totally clean house about once a week. I'm going to fit right in.

Honestly, I haven't seen a few of these women (friends) for well over a year now. I hope I don't do or say anything not-smart, but this is me we are talking about. I probably will and further will blog about it in grand fashion.

~Bee's five year old daughter says, "Bees sting people by wrecking them."


Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

Folks are calling you a liar and spamming you. Good grief.

You go on ahead and write. It takes courage, I know.

We (a couple of Vancouver bloggers) are looking to meet up on Friday. If you would like to join, us send me a line, Ok?

Rebecca Blevins said...

When I started reading this I steeled myself for the worst--and never found it.

Yet another music similarity between us, I like Sarah Maclachlan too! (If that's even how you spell her name!) I don't have any actual cds, but Youtube is my friend.

I also think a real woman is one with Cheerios stuck in her hair and PlayDoh squished on her pants. Dried PlayDoh makes some lovely 80's-esque additions to jeans.

Your daughter reminds me of Confucius. Very deeply wise.

Anonymous said...

Good on you for writing as you see it. Because really, what would be the point otherwise?

I totally wash my own wheat and have white couches...okay, so I was actually washing quinoa and I have a white bedroom. Whatever. Makes no difference because I still have nasty smells in my fridge, too. I figure whatever it is that's smelling will eventually grow legs and walk out of the fridge saving me the trouble.

SheaLuna said...

You go girl! I think we spend way too much time in life worrying what other people think of us when what we SHOULD be worrying about is what WE think of us. So THERE!

Chocolate coating definitely makes it go down easier.

Especially if you are about to have some fun storming a castle...

Jaina said...

Ditto to Ghostpen. I hope you have a great time at your meeting. :)

Skerrib said...

LIAR!!! I'm going to start spamming you now, you just wait.

Your women sound fantastic. I may have found a group of similarly-minded ladies in my area. Always comforting to hang with the real ones.

R said...

Ok, now you've done it.

I was reading and my breath spewed out once I read "drink anti-freeze and listen to Sarah McLaughlin records."

This is why:

#1: I LOVE Sarah McLachlan
#2: For the LOVE OF PETE you spelled her name wrong
#3: I sort of sound like her musically

You better hide cuz I am coming with a shovel!

Now I will commence with my reading.

Thank you.

R said...

I stand corrected. You were better at spelling it than I assumed. "McLachlin"

There is still some hope for you I suppose.

You are the most killer mom ever, so I think you will do well with the other ladies. I get that way too when I have to go to things like that. I feel so different from everyone else. Especially all the other homeschool moms.

Jen - Queen of Poo said...

It'll be good to have you all the way back! That writing in hiding thing never really worked out for me. I know there are elements in the oxygen world (love that!) stewing over what I write from time to time, but that kind of judgment poisons them not me, so screw 'em. :-)

Heffalump said...

I always dread getting together with the Women's group at church, and I always enjoy it once I am there. We must be kindred spirits in spite of our coffee differences. (I figure, you can have my share...more for you right?)

Jodi said...

I think you and I would get along famously IRL. I just picked a cheerio off my ass when I got out of the car this morning and I have a hot date with Mt. Foldah Jalaundry this weekend!

Have fun!

... Paige said...

I'm not so social and dread it at times, but then I paint on a smile and pretend I'm someone else and the time seems to pass then next thing I know I'm me again!

I hear antifreeze is sweet, I like the green one :-)

eyes_only4him said...

hmm....i agree, do not NOT write something becasue you think u will offend someone...

thats not good...u write whatever the hell u want..i do..and i offend people ALL the time.

And stop calling me a crackhead.

Jo Beaufoix said...

I love you. That's all I ahveto say. Oh, except, what's 'Mt. Foldah Jalaundry.'

Suzy-Q said...

i am glad you are my friend

you rock

Mrs4444 said...

Um...your zipper's down-- (I'm thinking you meant to say "scarred" eyeballs"? Either way, you are very funny!

Bee said...

Mrs 4444,
Yes, you're right but scared would work, too now that I think about it. :)

Whistle Britches said...

your blog is already a meeting of mysterious smells coming from the fridge moms.

except me.
I'm Batman.

McBunni said...

So, what if you have cheerios in your car seats, funny smells coming from the fridge and you're NOT a mom?

Hee hee!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I must remind myself not to go out in public while wearing those jammies with the hole in the arse.

Thanks for the reminder.


That Janie Girl said...

Ummmm. You just reminded me, I need to go clean out my car.

And my kid is 28.


sarahgrace said...

Good for you, on the being yourself issue.

I'm with you on the not being so keen on going to ladies things. I can't explain why either... well, actually I probably could, but it might be a novel's worth! Ha ha! The last thing I went to I DID enjoy though... however, both kids that went into nursery as a result are now sick... (insert eye roll here.)

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