06 December 2005

ornery with love

I wrote this several years ago for my MOPS (Mothers of PreSchoolers)
group newsletter as a tribute to my children.


Bananas jammed down into vacuum hoses.
Marbles lodged tightly in toddler’s noses.

Big bottle of soap squeezed out on the floor.
32 degrees and an open front door.

Crayon marker faces drawn on the wall.
Tell me who won Vase vs Ball?

Expensive earrings. Yes, they do flush.
Daddy says, “Hurry!” but he's meaning, “Don’t rush.”

Chocolate fingerprints on the duvet cover.
Hide in the clothes rounder, here comes my Mother!

Legos shoved into the VCR.
Losing your lunch in the back of the car.

Spaghetti slides with ease through baby hair.
Dinner is something that you must wear.

Army men are “hiding” down the heater vent.
Hangers are more fun when they are bent.

Standing victorious on the kitchen table.
or tippy top of the fridge if you are able.

In Superman PJs I can fly off my bed.
Scissors cut hair nicely
when used on my head.

Children are ornery but when push comes to shove
you can't help but give them all of your love.


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