05 December 2006

my treat, far be it

Yesterday, I opened my mailbox and lo and behold!!!! A goodie package from Jenn. Little did I know that finding the perfect kukuruznye palochky would pay forward so generously. She sent some of her hilarious greeting cards she drew, coffee beans, doodle pads and some hilarious gum which you have to see to believe:

Enjoy Spending Time With Your Mother Gum

Juicy Mullet Gum


and some Candy From Strangers

Thank you Jenn!! I thank you from the bottom of my french press!

Speaking of coffee, I just got a gorgeously handcrafted, blue-glazed coffee mug I ordered in the mail from none other than master potter Sarah over at Sarah's Sermons. She makes amazing pottery and doggonit if my camera batteries are dead and needing a charge so the pictures will wait. Far be it for the house to have two working batteries when I need them. Far be it to find the charger when I need it. Far be it to use 'far be it' too many times in one post.

I was tagged for a meme and since I regularly cave to peer pressure and the need to fit in outweighs my reluctance, I therefore must meme. Besides, I was asked by a friend and far be it...oh, you get it.

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~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe