08 August 2007

Those Are The Shrieking Eels, Your Highness

I had a wonderful anniversary. We had a nanny overnight we could go out without our kids. We had a private jet fly us to the San Francisco area for dinner, where I gave him an Ibanez bass and he gave me a gorgeous 4 carat vvs princess cut diamond. We went to the opera, and then out for a walk and dessert on Pier 39.

Then I woke up.

Regardless of a far simpler evening, our dinner at the Thai food restaurant was lovely and meeting up with long time friends was a treat (they were also married the same day as us).

We did have an outstandingly good nanny. She took my kids overnight, and enjoyed being paid with a promise of babysitting in return...and topped with a bag of fresh caramel corn. Have it be known, I think she would have done it just for the caramel corn. I know I would have.

mmmmm, caramel corn....

Anyway, it was odd not to have the kids this morning wake me up with inquiry after inquiry.

"Can I have xbox privileges?"

"Where is the cereal?"

"Did you wash my under.WEAR!?"

"Can you take Ellie's nekkid barbies out of the tub? I hate that!"

"The milk looks like yogurt..is that bad?"

It is of grave importance that I be alert when answering their questions. To do otherwise, I could easily get up on any given day to the smell of matches. Kids eating the last of six boxes of frozen waffles, sitting on my beige carpet, playing 'dad's xbox games.

"Hi mom!" as they guzzle down purple grape juice from my Waterford crystal goblets.

But you said it was okay....

This morning was different. This morning they were at their Auntie Dapoppins house. I was alone.
Alone to sleep in.
Alone to make coffee.
Alone to shower without more of the Spanish Inquisition.
Alone to watch the Today show in peace with my coffee. In my bed.

This morning should have been a glorious change except for one thing.

I had a 'alarm clock' not your typical, but I can think of a few that would be successful as an alarm clock:

Shrieking eels, sonic boom, barfing, grenade explosion, choking, car accident, buzz saw, fingernails on blackboard, any song by the Carpenters, yodeling, M16 fighter flyby, blasting crew, jackhammer, that lady on the bus every morning who cannot shut her pie hole, thunder at point blank range, gun fire from a howitzer...it's endless really.

I had the fortune of my neighbor across the street + crack of dawn + five guys with hammers + roofing crew = I nearly nail gunned their heads to the frame work. But yeah, I had a really good anniversary.

~Bee hates the snooze button

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