08 September 2007

Lost In Space

Have you ever used Google maps? The map shows three options in the map window: Map, Satellite, and Hybrid.

My kids and I had a blast this weekend with the satellite imagery. Just for fun we decided to look at a few landmarks:

Eiffel Tower
Tower of Pisa
Washington Monument
The Champs-Elysees
The White House
The Pentagon
Crater Lake
Golden Gate Bridge
Mt. St. Helens
Mt. Fuji
Mount Rushmore
The Grand Canyon
Statue of Liberty

I was floored to be able to zoom way in, especially on the Eiffel Tower, where you could actually see people lined up to go to the elevators. I couldn't help but laugh when my 8 year old son asked me about Crater Lake.

I say excitedly, "It is a volcano in the middle and they haven't found the bottom of the lake. I've actually been there and took some pumice stone home and floated it in a glass of water."

The kids chime in, "WOW!!!!!"

My oldest daughter immediately asks me excitedly, "So, the lake is bottomless?"

I answer back, "So they say..."

My son looks shocked and states matter-of-factly, "What if it goes to Japan and they say it's bottomless?"

I start to laugh, "You have a point there."

~Bee's birthday is this week--see you next week

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