05 April 2009

Yams Are Funny

I like to make my dollar stretch. So when I see a Super Saver Mom on the news buying a shopping cart full of groceries for under $4 I'm naturally skeptic and intrigued. Do I have to buy the bark toilet paper and canned yams because I never leave the store with organic produce and salmon for under a hundred bucks. I'd love to know what's in that lady's cart.

Now that better weather is soon to be upon us, I thought it would be nice to get a zoo membership. A friend of mine told me of reciprocal memberships years ago, for museums, zoos, or aquariums. Since many museums honor each others memberships, I save and we can still have our local museum membership.

There can be a catch, with museums dropping from the program, only allowing half price discounts instead of free entrance, or admission only discounts (not for extra events). I recommend doing your homework first and call before you go.

Here are a few sites for organizations with reciprocal memberships.

Associations of Zoos and Aquariums

North American Reciprocal Museum

Association of Science Technology Centers Passport Program
This one has museums listed for all over the world!

Smithsonian Scientific Diving Reciprocity
This one is for if you are a scuba diver and want to go on a scientific dive. SO cool.

See? There are easier ways to stretch your dollar than sandpapering your bum or yamming your family to death. Yes, I said yamming.

~Bee thinks yams are funny


Heffalump said...

We got the deluxe family membership to the Oregon zoo last summer. It has already more than paid for itself. We can get one extra person in free every time we go, and we also got admission to the zoo lights (including an extra person for free), which costs extra with a regular membership. We have been three times so far, and it had paid for itself after twice. We also still have five more months to use our membership, so we are pretty happy with it.

Bee said...

Don't you think it's cool that you can use it at the Seattle Zoo too? I might as well (as you well know) get a family membership as it cost the same as regular admission once for the whole family. hehe.

That Janie Girl said...

Family memberships are usually the way to go.

I wish we had a zoo!

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

We were considering getting a zoo membership, with the Seattle one in mind too.

You are brilliant Bee, yams or no yams.

Doozie said...


Angela said...

You GO, girl!!! We're all about coupon clipping in this family, too, and it makes a huge difference. The problem is I tend to forget what coupons we have and buy (insert needed item here) anyway, and my hubby will go without (insert needed item here) for a few days just so he can use the coupon to get it. It can create a bit of tension. BUT, it's worth it. We easily save at least $100 a month. I especially love the Costco coupons. (Except if you buy things you weren't intending on purchasing just because there's a coupon, maybe you're not saving. OR maybe you're saving on the regular things so you can FUND your new item. Hmm...)

... Paige said...

Here, we have just found out in a very round about way that It is cheaper to use our "student" discount then it is to go on our membership.

and who said getting ed-u-ma-cated wasn't worth while?

Yams are funny just think of when they go to bed in their little dirt diggs. You know they wear their yammies...now that's slap your knee funny not slap me funny.

stop....get away...oh crap!

Fantastic Forrest said...

Do you know about the Cultural Passport program through Portland's Washington County Libraries? IT GETS YOU IN FREE TO A BUNCH OF STUFF. Yes, free.

If you live in Clark County, WA you can get a Washington County (OR) library card and then take advantage of the program.Check out

Apparently Canby in Clackamas participates too.

I'd love to know which WA museum you got a membership in that was cheaper than another one....willing to share that tidbit?

Mrs4444 said...

Hey, I love yams, but I'm pretty sure a can that size would get moldy pretty quick. Great tips!

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