14 December 2004

Books and Pointed Pinkies

I'm currently employed at a retail store. It's temp work and part-time. I love my job although, the pay is utterly humbling. I haven't made this little an hour since I did childcare in my teens. The upside is my discount on books, DVDs, and music.

Last night, I dealt with Ms. Mobile Queenie. I can't stand people who treat you like subhuman for *helping* them.  The Mobile Queen threw her books towards me while she talked on her cell phone. She never once made eye contact or even acknowledged me while taking her most important phone call.

Was it really? NO.

Her grandma wasn't in the hospital. There was no mega sale at Macy's. Her best friend was not going into labor. Her doctor didn't have test results and she didn't get an interview. This was HUGE!  

Did you see Britney Spears' dog? I want one like that. The picture was so cute, with her dog...he was like, eating a $180 steak. 

Ohmygaah! NO WAY!

After sending a projectile credit card my way, she snapped up the bag. I just wanted to return the girl to reality by scissor kicking her head back to her prom. I just smiled and said, "Thank you and have a nice day".

TRANSLATION: "I hope you can dial with that phone shoved up your nether regions."

I am acutely aware of how customers treat me. But I run across all types. My very favorite is those who ask me if I read a book and then proceed to list every book they have ever read as if to proclaim and prove their intelligence.

I would argue then, that this alone makes me the epitome of class, surrounded by books while I use high falutin' words. I even point my pinkie when I drink my coffee.

I strongly suspect it is the commonly low level of competence for customer service that most have experienced elsewhere. People have given up on meeting an employee that has more than one brain cell in use.


"Just a sec.."



This is sad but true.

I do like the work and the general atmosphere but despise how I am treated. I just restrain myself behind my little counter and resort to sharing break-room stories and eye-rolling which is every bit therapeutic. Most of my customers are not difficult, but I get a handful every day that keep me amused, and thankful that I'm teaching my children manners and respect.

~Bee should recommend more etiquette books

04 November 2004

UHaul Tales

23 Apr 2002

Our move is nearly accomplished. We are now Washingtonians. I should be more excited but yeah, I'm excited. My excitement is shadowed by pressing issues like my dining room. Carpeted dining room. That and where's the tp?

The computer is already hooked up. Notice that was before I found TP.

Heh. Important stuff first.

The apartment is lovely. However...the dining room carpet is a complete mystery to me. Who in their right mind carpets a dining room? I am under the impression the management have plotted against the occupants to make sure renters never get their deposit back.

Adults have accidents and not to mention kids get only half of what is set before them. The floor receiving the rest. So what am I to do with beige carpet? We have to eat.

It makes one wonder. Is it a deliberate attempt to take advantage of the tenants and make some cold, hard cash? Possibly the owners have shares in Resolve carpet cleaner. Written a NY Times Bestseller, 'Cleaning Your Beige Dining Room Carpet'. Are just plain idiots?

Whatever the reason, I have almost settled on buying a finished remnant. I'll thumb my nose in their direction and rest at ease when my 1 yr. old, sporting a maniacal grin, will undoubtedly be eyeing my carpet with poised bowl in hand. Spaghetti, of course.

I am about finished with my unpacking. Containing household goods in a tiny apartment after residing in a home half-again larger...well, the outcome is completely undesirable. Read: it blows. Now we need a storage unit.

But first I have to find the toilet paper.

~Bee is doing a happy dance (or a pee pee dance, they look the same)

02 November 2004

01 November 2004

New Blog

My friends call me...well, can call me Bee. I also answer to Your Highness.

I'm a wife, mother, and late bloomer. I find humor in most things because, really. If you can laugh at yourself, and make lemonade out of lemons, your work is half done. I love music to the point of weirdness. I drink too much coffee and can typically be found in the pages of something fiction. I hope to write a book someday. It will not be tomorrow.

I don't know how often I'll post something juicy. How often is normal?

I promise never to bore you to tears. I promise to be interesting. I promise to write from the soul and perhaps in turn, make you laugh. This is my repartee. Welcome to my blog.

~Bee is blogtastic