27 March 2009

The Doobie Sisters

Today I made a giant tray of dark chocolate brownies.

My kids are going to be stoked when they come home from school. I try to get them to eat healthy and make better choices but today, brownies will undoubtedly beat out the moistness and superiority of gluten free granola bars.

Speaking of brownies, funny story-Circa 1976: My Dad was given a plate of special brownies by a "green'' neighbor. My Dad never did partake but I think it's safe to say that in So Ca in the mid 70s everybody knew someone who baked hash brownies. Did he throw them away for us girls to find them? No. He had to dump them in the dumpster in our apartment complex when we went to bed. He couldn't leave them on the counter. It was decided he would store them in the closet. Specifically, the top of the hall closet.

In an odd way, it makes sense. The four of us girls, all under the age of 6 and with a right arm reach of 8 feet.

My sister, running undiscovered in toddler-stealth mode, opened the closet and somehow got the brownies down. This act defies physics but not the laws of toddler mischief. She ate an undisclosed amount and when she was found bouncing off the hallway walls...laughing...crying...it was told that my Dad was fit to be tied. She couldn't have been older than 4. She cried a lot, rummaged in the pantry for some Doritos, and then took a really long nap. Maybe not the Doritos part but after that incident, Dad installed childproof doorknobs and contraptions around the house.

If you're wondering how this can happen and want to blame someone, please pray and ask God why He made toddlers with an 8 foot reach.

~Bee thinks pot smells gross.
Listening to:  Lynyrd Skynyard The Millininium Collection

22 March 2009

Sand Facials and A Neptune Cocktail

Sand in the Face and Swallowing Sea Water

I'm staying home this week since I've finished finals last week. Done for the quarter and catching up on my reading with a few books and blogs until the kids are out of school next week. I've pulled out the warm weather clothes but it's not yet shorts weather. This week I'll be finishing up laundry and hope to have the house clean by the weekend.

We are planning to drive down to the coast for spring break and mingle with the crowds, watching the waves and playing at the beach. Mr Coffee, the kids and I will probably stop by the seasonal farmers market, too. My seemingly never-ending homework starts again next quarter on April 6th, so I'm just kicking back a little till then.

Later gator....

~Bee loves the ocean but hates sand in my bathing suit.

In other words:

Sand Facials and A Neptune Cocktail

I'm hanging at the fat shack since I've blown outta the green room last week. Selling Buicks with a few books sans Bambinos till Monday next. Big mommas also macking some gnarly doggers with the Maytag man and getting the pad peachy.

We'll probably hitch a ride and chill like the hoodaddies and shoebies, watching the bumps out at the coast. With the Big Kahuna and the squids, we'll roll with the heavies and score some organic grindage next weekend at the farmers market. The gnarly cruncher hits like corduroy in two weeks so I'm hanging loose till the 6th.

Going latronic, dude.

~Bee loves the ocean but hates stealing the beach.

08 March 2009

I Wrote This

I was minding my own blog the other day and ran across a woman posting an email. It was one of those viral emails she had copied to her blog and proceeded to take credit for writing. Sure it's funny but does this not make you nuts, people?

It must be really hard to type this: "

And this: "

In other news, I think you should read my new book, "Sense and Sensibility". I think I'm farging brilliant.

 ~Bee says donut be stealing words