29 January 2008

Remembering Birthdays

She is going to scissor-kick my head but I can't resist.

Happy Birthday Doozie!

I have taken the liberty of writing her birthday poetry since I'm not there to throw her a Birthday party. Gentle readers, please accept my invitation to leave sentiments in comments!

Roses are Red
So's lots of stabbing
Please don't be mad
Now what's that you're grabbing?

Roses are Red
Cues are for pool
But if you sharpen it well
Makes a good stabbing tool.

Roses are Red
You've got nice hair
Nicer than mine
Don't mind if I stare.

Roses are Red
You don't look fizzlewizzit
Who's got bail money
When I come to visit?

Roses are Red
Unibrows are retarded
You make me laugh
When you declare, "Hey, I farted!"

Roses are Red
I hope that you giggle
At my dumb rhymes
Perhaps just a little?

Roses Are Red
Do leave comments here
Doozer's our friend
She's lived another year!

Please leave your birthday comments here for Doozie. I'll make sure she heads over here and reads it. (oh, and send band-aids, she WILL stab me for this)

27 January 2008


Do you ever read your stats and have a few observations worth sharing? I see several I should address above. You can click to enlarge.

West coast readers get me. I was born down in So. Cali. so really this is no surprise. We are more laid back, and like to smell the pines..or more south? Palm trees. I'd rather have sand stuck in my swimsuit while I slather SPF 90 than to deal with tornado alley or hurricane central.

As you see on the map, there are only two or three computer stores in the more westernly midwestern states. Evidently they are located in Colorado.

Now, even with computers, apparently it is Federal Law that South Dakota, Nebraska, and New Mexico occupants are banned from the internet. I am not making this up. Just read the map.

Canucks are near and dear to me. I can be there in under 3 hours and it's breathtakingly beautiful. Aside from being of the handful of countries that I've already visited, they celebrate one of the three most important sports: hockey. Hockey ties with lacross and footy in my book. Nothing better.

I see my bloggy mate down under. That's good, cause this Sheila is going to fly down with Mr Coffee one of these days and take Paul Hogan's advice..shrimp on the barbie, eh?

Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas (go you!) pick up the slack with great ease. I also have a lot of family in those states so the probability of those markers just being my family is not far fetched.

Then you see Mississippi and Alabama. Have I offended the South in some way? Did you discover my dislike for okra and butter beans? Do you wonder quizzically at my non-pork eating self? Come on, I even call it "soda" and not "pop". Can't we just be friends? I make a good BBQ. I listen to blues. That has to speak for something.

The East coast rocks. I get along with most East coasters only because I am direct and I appreciate the same. I would almost consider moving there but Mr Coffee and my kids would miss me terribly. Here on the West coast, you say to someone, "Lets get together!" and they say in return, "Sure, sounds good. That'd be fun." In contrast, you say the same thing to East coasters and they whip out the phone or gadgetry, "When would be good for you?".

So purposeful and driven. I LOVE that. I have been told that I drive like a New Yorker but I digress....

The Brits get me but this is because Welsh and Irish run in my blood. Brits rock and ironically, I love Brit Rock, so it's all good.

Soooo, I am totaling Mullet Contest Photo votes by 3pm PST tomorrow. Please get your votes in!

25 January 2008

Search Me

I also love my word searches. Now for those who don't know how this goes, I'll share.

You get your free sign up at statcounter.com or sitemeter.com and give them your URL and blog name. They give you code for a little counter to track your readers. You add the code to your blog and see the results.

If you google "mullet photo contest" you get my URL. So would these:

blog Daughter of the American Revolution
I say, "DARRR!!" Thanks to my 6th x great grandpa from Virginia.

bee repartee
Who is she? Sounds brilliant.

hockey mom's mullet contest
And only 6 teeth in the whole contest.

bff tattoos
I joke about it a lot, but I am really needlephobic. I would have to be extremely sauced and dared to get some ink.

how a man changes oil
In a driveway with old prison overalls and lots of beer. A woman just takes it to Oil Change Bob at Lube R Us.

vibrating cough
I had four kids and all have had croup which does sound like a rattle in the chest. Take them into a room with a hot shower running so the steam does it's job. You can also bundle them up and take them outside in the cool air for a few minutes. It does the same thing. The difference in the air temp moves the crud around so they can breathe better. It works every time, I know. I've earned an honorary pediatrics degree.

starbucks italian roast
That's my blood type.

bee starbuck's boobs
I don't talk about them on my blog but yes, I must buy my car covers online. Aside from that, yes, I am Jenn and I do drink too much coffee.

splenda is the devil
Anything that is manufactured by using a WWI chemical warfare agent cannot be healthy. It is the devil and so are Krispy Kreme donuts, but that is a different matter entirely.

dancing at discos eating cheese on toast
Line from Kate Nash's song: Merry Happy. It's in my sidebar music under the Mix playlist

crazy eights significance
It's significant because I don't know how to play it. I can however, whoop you silly at Gin Rummy and Texas Hold 'Em.

mullett pictures
hair bangs sissy
Well, that's obvious. I did change my avatar because I've done my hair again and it's more dark brown than red. I'll go back to red again soon. I like red.

acronym dh
DH stands for Darling Husband, Dear Hubby, Dumb Heathen, Doltish Hussy, Dorky Headgear, Dynamite Hunkaburninlove. Get creative and call him something other than DH. Mr. Coffee is already taken, thankyouverymuch but something complimentary. Always remember nag about the spouse makes you look hag.

rimmel lip bloomer
I've used the stuff that makes you lips fuller. You just feel like you did some face suction on a juice bottle except you don't get that cool hickey-esque ring around your mouth. Rimmel makes good lip gloss and you can get free samples on their site.

24 January 2008

Dancing At Discos Eating Cheese on Toast

I've had a weird week and some great surprises.

Rebate checks from the Federal Government are a nice idea if it passes the Senate. This will not jump start my economy but will keep my lights on and food in the fridge. This is leap year and one more day of housing, food, and clothing four growing children is going to break the bank. Is it wrong to say I really don't care why they are sending these or where they come from? The social security taxes I pay, I won't see a dime of when I retire. I'm just saying....

(please don't hate me for my apathy but really I wouldn't care either way)

Speaking of clothing, I just used up my Famous Footwear frequent buyer $25 coupon. Those coupons are gold at our house. Two pairs of New Balance tennis shoes for the boys at $110. On clearance, $30 for both, plus shipping, and coupon = $10 and change out of pocket.

And she scores!

I ran across some amazing scientific study yesterday. Since I have great musical and athletic ability, is it coincidental that my ring fingers are much longer than my index finger? Apparently not. Read about it here and see if your fingers match up.

Three more days to vote in the mullet contest. The poll will allow one vote per person per day, even for yourself. You can also vote in comments for Heffalump who sadly missed the poll creation but is holding her own.

~Bee would love to know the real color of her hair

16 January 2008

Tire for Your Thoughts?

Today I went to Tire Mega Warehouse. No, my tire shop is not Tire Mega Warehouse, but if I tell you what the name is, you would attempt to call each and every location to hunt me down, I just know it. You'd find out that I was the woman who brought in the 1996 Ford Windstar that smelled like old coffee and needed the original struts and Uncle Buck shocks replaced.

If you do not know what Uncle Buck shocks are, feast your eyeballs on this youtube beauty. It's one of my favorite laugh out loud 80's movies.

After only an hour and forty-five minutes, they extracted the offending nail from the back tire. I can't imagine what took so long. The only other guy that was 'ahead' of me in line was irritated that it was taking so long and was pacing like mad. He must have argued with the front desk three times. The squeaky wheel doesn't always get the grease. Apparently, it waits forever in the tire store bay.

I contemplated many things while I sat and waited.

•I was put on this planet to help other people build character.

•I wonder why people think a lift kit on a mini van is remotely a good thing.

•The virtual wheels computer program makes me laugh when I put giant spinners and 22's on my virtual van.

•Why does the popcorn taste so good in the tire store?

•I'm glad I brought my own coffee.

•If you act rude to customer service, they don't work faster and may perhaps, use your vehicle for training purposes.

•Which reminds me, if you had your head up your nether regions, there are benefits. 1)You would never have cold ears, 2)wouldn't worry about bad hair days, 3)could yell at anyone and never upset a soul and lastly, the bright side? You could perform your own colonoscopies for free.

•If you unwedged properly, you wouldn't have to worry about regularity any more, your head would stink and yes, you would look like Gollum for a few days.

•I've got to stop four-wheeling over construction sites in my van.

•My four year old loves the fact I carry around a lot of change.

•We both like vending machine Jelly Bellys.

•I have to buy struts, shocks, and tires AND get an alignment after I sell my organs on craigslist.

•I am glad I walked this morning.

•I can't wait for more entries to my 3rd Annual Mullet Photo Contest!

•When was the last time I blogged?

Now you know.

09 January 2008

How Was Your Day?

I went to bed last night and slept so soundly until late this morning. As in, a whole 45 minutes before we were supposed to leave. Two showers and one hunt for a missing homework folder later, we arrived at school 5 minutes late.

Darn it.

Next time I'm taking my time machine. Delorian?

I got my Crate and Barrel magazine in the mail this week. I'm drooling over the new kitchen stuff. Have you seen C&B? You can request your free catalog here. It's like Kitchen p0rn, except with more clothes and a lot more garlic.

The good news is if I only had $8500 I could get what I'd like. I'd end up making my kids 100lbs by feeding them cookies every day after school. 

Speaking of school, my 9 year old is required daily by his school teacher to make Home Notes. These are short two, three sentences that tell me about his day. It's designed to open dialog between child and parent. Ideal, really.

Mr Coffee and I find that these notes have become an inexhaustible source of humor. Also a delightful peek into Max's inner workings.

Bold text is the form letter portion of the Home Note. All spelling and punctuation are in the original.

Date: 15 Oct 2007
Dear Parents,
I had a wonderful day!
We had sandwiches for
lunch, literacy, creative
movement, choice reading,
everything! How was
your day?
Please select one:

Dear Son,
Choice reading is the best reading. I'm suddenly reminded I need to start saving more money for your college education.
PS. Busy AND Great, thank you.

Date: 24 Oct 2007
Dear Parents,
The [2 hour] late start made
the day a little bit
boring, all though
we did observe
Wisconsin Fast Plants.
How was your day?

Dear Son,
You may not care for a 2-hour late start at school but this means I get to sleep in. Wisconsin Fast Plants? Is that the preferred Chia Pet for 3rd graders?

Date: 26 Sep 2007 - 2:50pm
Dear Parents,
I had a great day. I had
science, and a math test,
everything! How was your day?
I played with Jared, Zus, and
Reed. Reed's BROTHER likes the devil.

Dear Son,
You and I both had a great day. Science and math are so cool, aren't they?
(note to self: Reed's brother scares me)
It doesn't matter what other people think. It matters what you think. Jesus tells us to love everyone.


Date: ? Nov 2007
Dear Parents,
I had art and made MASKS!
We also did our "R" s, Map testing,
at recess, robbing fake Gems, EVERYTHING!
How was your day?

Dear Son,
I'm glad you did your R's, son. Reading, 'Riting and 'Rithmetic. That makes me proud. Those will do you well throughout your life. In great contrast, doing 5 to 10 years in the clink for robbing faux jewelry stores will not. I wonder why your school is promoting mask making for your burglary stints.

~Bee loves open dialogs

07 January 2008

There Is No Team in I

Holly has done it again.

Green Cathedral did it too.

One meme, double tagging. I guess I have to do this, even though I officially don't meme. Are you ready for this?

Have it be known, your birth month means more than you need to renew your driver's license. It means you are destined. hahaha. Okay, really. The stars don't determine my personality or destiny. That idea is bunk to me, but I have a theory. This is highly scientific here. No laughing.

How a pregnant mother feels would affect her baby, right? I am a September baby so it only make sense that when the flowers bloomed and the sun came out, my mom had the itch to clean and organize. How she felt would have affected me in the womb giving me happy clean house womb vibes. This is why I'm OCD.

Spring brings cleaning, organizing and picnics. Picnics mean sandwiches..protein.

Protein and organization = brain food.
Brain food = baby brain development.

I'm sure this is why I have a big head retain knowledge. Tuna sandwiches and spring fever are the reason I am who am I. I can't find this on Wikipedia but I'm sure the medical community would approve.

So Holly outlines the characteristics of me:


Suave and compromising.
First, I'm not Suave. I'm not even Pantene. I'm more Nexxus or Joico. As for compromising, I need people to like me. Brown-nosing is not beneath me. It's amazing how quickly a person's demeanor can change when you give them a genuine compliment.

"Wow. I LOVE your car! Is this a Gremlin? and for only $200 bucks!"

Careful, cautious and organized. Concerned and detailed. Systematic.
Proper preparation prevents piss poor performance. If I got lost in the woods while hiking on some mountain, I could never be the lady who died tragically, wandering for days in a freak snow storm. I would never live it down if I ended up lying 100 feet from the highway, clutching an empty Starbucks cup, dying of exposure after eating my own arm for nourishment.

I'm so prepared. In my van, I currently have an emergency ruck sack, a collapsible, 40-man heated tent, medical supplies for open heart surgery, and enough MREs and water to last us until 2020. (And I wonder why I only get 11 mpg??)

Likes to point out people's mistakes.
You are SO WRONG.

Likes to criticize. Must control oneself when criticizing.
I haven't sent her any letters, but face it people, Keira Knightley is begging for a Double Baconnator Cheeseburger to shoved down her neck.

Whatever. That's your opinion. Who wrote these anyway?

Quiet but able to talk well.
4 minutes with Random Grocery Store Stranger #425 gives me enough material to write 4 novels on her life.

Calm and cool.
I disagree. On the inside, I regularly feel I'm a poster child for Xanex. On the outside, I am the accomplished, level-headed mother of four, loving and doting wife to tall, dark and hot Mr. Coffee.

Kind and sympathetic.
If you are in the hospital, I will bake you a lasagna. If you need a ride across town, I will drive you even though I only have a ¼ tank of gas. If you need money, I'd sure as heck give you my last dollar if I knew you wouldn't use it to buy Olde English 800 beer. I do draw the line at sharing my last cup of coffee, even if you were dying of thirst. This is not a joke.

Loyal but not always honest.
Who says my Secret Agent adventures aren't true? Will scissor-kick heads for any of my peeps.

Does work well.
Work hard when you work. Play hard when you play.

Very confident.
Something I've never told publicly: I won a Hot Legs contest when I was 20-ish. At a bar. I was 20-ish. (see Loyal but not always Honest) I was pretty stupid, but hey, I had hot legs. Whatever. It was dumb.

I wear sterling silver or 14 kt gold earrings. I squeeze the Charmin. I also don't blog about controversial subjects like heterophobic nut jobs, why the liberal extremists spew as much hate as the right wing extremists, and since we are talking sensitive..why don't Tucks hemorrhoid pads come in a XX Large container.

Good memory. Clever and knowledgeable.
I remember so much stuff, usually useless knowledge. Someone asked me if I was a book, what book I would be? Hands down, "Encyclopedia".

Loves to look for information.
I read WebMD for fun. I have also been researching my genealogy since I was about 16. Thousands personally researched in my family tree (my earliest ancestor was born in 1606 AD). Also pursuing membership in the Daughter of the American Revolution - DAR and full genealogical certification.

Able to motivate oneself.
Mt. LaundryToBeFolded says otherwise.

"No worries" is one of my favorite sayings.

Fun to be around.
Doozie and Dapoppins have both seen me in a coat 3 sizes too small performing my signature Tommy Boy's "Fat Guy in a little coat". I will make a huge fool out of myself to make you laugh. No, I've never been incarcerated. Why do you ask?

We all know my name is really Bee Repartee.

Loves leisure and traveling.
Coffee shops. Live music. Museums. Spa days. Bookstores. Art Galleries. Road Trips. Beach retirement. Foodie. Mai Tais. Europe. Oooh, la la, but not that I am able to have or already accomplish them yet.

Hardly shows emotions. Tends to bottle up feelings.
I disagree with this one. I am so open and honest with my feelings at times, it surprises people. Then people think I must have a hidden meaning or that I'm lying.

"Yes, my kids really are sick for the third time in two months from your germ-riddled office and I'm going to have to reschedule. Again."

Very choosy, especially in relationships.
Friend wanted:
Emotionally intelligent.
Good sense of humor.
Forthright and honest.
Must have front teeth and generally good hygiene.
No BO that smells like teenage library funk.

Here are the instructions:

1. Mention the person who tagged you.
2. Sign them up for lots of SPAM and chain letters.
3. Make a blog post writing off any and all MEME related things.
4. Next person to tag you, make an exception because you rawk that way.
5. Tag 500 people and let them know if you are going down, they have to as well.

Tag, tag, bo, bag. Okay, I won't tag, but if you want to do this, please leave me a link in comments. Thankyouverymuch.

06 January 2008

Out With The Funk, In With Cookies

I'm a people pleaser and I don't like people to think ill of me. This goes deep in my childhood psychosis from being ripped from my mother's Partridge family printed dress (in yellows and purples no less) and bouncing around in foster homes, being yelled at a lot. Sure, crap happens but I've always been a little insecure because I find a need for people to like me. Thus my last post, but my readers rock my socks. Good advice to be had and doggonit, people like me.

I'm going to shake things up in 2008 and that is the method I blog. Justify less in 2008. Spill it, no edits, more of what's in my head, and less explaining, unless of course, it's what's in my head. I think I've been trying too hard and that's made blogging a chore. It takes forever to do a good post. No more blogger chores and therefore no need to scale back. Just fun and me being introspective, over-analyzing, self-depreciating, and generally retarded. Go me!!

Today was a weird day, half the day spent between kids, commenting, and chores. I find a bit of solace in the everyday chores, nothing changing in routine can be theraputic knowing what is required of me.

I like organized. I thrive on structure. My OCD side is fed a big fat piece of chocolate psychological cake by doing chores, monotonous as they can become. And pass the Cool Whip.

I went to the library today and checked out my finally-three-weeks-on-hold, The G0lden C0mpass. I already don't like the author but I felt I should take another stab at it. I had to cross myself when I checked it out just in case the authors cooties got on me.

Huzzah for attempting to be open-minded. Remember Thomas Dewar said, “Minds are like parachutes; they work best when open."

Really? Open minds also let in infection, or your brain leaks out. Also note that parachutes opening prematurely also get tangled up and you hurl to the ground with a 120 mph irreversible face plant. Thomas Dewar was a handsome and quotable man but boy howdy, he needed to lay off the homemade whiskey.

For the record, the library at our mall smelled terribly. Why don't these dudes religiously waiting in line at the library for free internet feel as passionate about a shower. Even a weekly shower would be an improvement. With soap. Lots and lots of soap. I went so far to ask the librarian if it usually smelled like B.O. most weekends and her reply was lots of head shaking and agreeing,

"There are a lot of (whispers) teens (/whisper) that come here to use the internet and sometimes the air gets that teenage funk...I'll tell my boss. I've been telling them about the filter in the air purifier..." she trailed off.

Teenage funk = butt crack and sour milk.

As in NOT fresh.

Maybe they should pack kitty litter in boxes under the desks. Holy. Cow.

I managed to make it home without passing out from the lingering stink embedded in my olfactory nerves. Mail came today and Mr. Coffee was sent a letter from Future Employer which asked him to jump through further hoops for his job application/interview. He seems like he has been kicked in the teeth, not that it isn't do-able, just a major hurdle. I don't like seeing him down. It makes me want to fix it and in this, I can't.

I'm going to finish my book Hunting Unicorns by Bella Pollen this week. Then to start on the book from the library about a wonderful adventure on how a child manages to kill God. (I almost hear the lightning hit the author)

Speaking of cooking, I'm also going to make cookies. Doesn't oatmeal cookies sound fabulous..mmmm, with cappuccino chips.

Last of the good news, we have neighbors now across the way. My four year old daughter says Madison People are moving in. I was thinking, "What the heck are Madison People?" The only Madison I knew was her My Scene doll. Then it dawns on me.

My darling daughter has both of these dolls. The one on the right is Delancey. The one on the left is Madison. We live in a very white town, so I'm glad even my youngest is learning good things like diversity.

~Bee's mouth is like a cookie parachute

05 January 2008

Aint Nothing Gonna Breaka My Stride

I have loyal readers that take the time to befriend me, full of sage advice on how I should approach my feelings.

Do you ever get a feeling of disrespect, or condescension by those who call themselves your family, friends, acquaintances, neighbors, fill-in-the-blank?

I have had this constant feeling that Mr Coffee and our family is looked down upon as failures. It's been hanging over me for a while now. I don't know what to do with it. It's even worse when it stems from family.

I feel defensive for Mr Coffee's sake but honestly, he doesn't care what people think of him. I shouldn't but don't dismiss me either. I do have issue with how we are treated.

People have the right to feel however they damn well please but disrespect, blatant or otherwise? I have tendency to drop that relationship and never look back...or just get it out in the open and throw down.

Honesty usually gets me in jam. People aren't used to non-passive behavior. It makes them defensive. So I become the problem for stepping up and saying 'what is the problem!'. Avoiding responsibility is something that always rubs me raw. I prefer honesty, but my value for getting things out in the open is not always preferred by others.

I know everyone has a relationship or two like this.

You may or may not understand my irritation, but I'm tired of being the one who causes the problems when I'm the only one with brass ones to get things out in the open. Festering is never a good thing.

I don't let condescending people define me or my family. Concrete is hard, good, honest work. So is staying at home with my four kids. I feel no shame because we are budgeted to the penny in the winter and have our windfall in the summer. He works hard. Although, being budgeted doesn't mean I need hand me down fat clothes or that I'm incapable of taking care of my kids...or better yet, that I'm or we are less than.

It amazes me how many forget their humble beginnings.

I am so very thankful for those who have helped our family at one time or another. Everyone that I have known has been in a place of need at SOME time in their life. Someone has lent a hand, help, or just be a shoulder to lean on. This is always welcome by me as long as I don't get the proverbial pity with it.

For support? I am thankful beyond words. Pity can take a flying leap.

I don't expect anyone to bail me out. For pete's sake, I stand on my own feet. I am sober. I play scratch-its once a year. My babies were born after we married and they all belong to Mr. Coffee. I have all my own teeth and don't drink or do drugs. 

I swear to you, just last week I mentioned to an acquaintance that I was finishing designing a website and a template. This someone says to me, "Oh, really? I didn't know you do that..you get paid too?! So that's what you do during the day?"

I have been talking about what I do for the last two years. Who listens to me anymore? I should just say,

"Um, NO, I sit on my butt all day, eat bon bons, and watch soap operas. I make my failure of a husband do all the work. I also sacrifice my values by letting my kids eat normal food, then sending them off to the Devil's Public School while I send myself into Zoloft hell under the guilt of not homeschooling. I determine my life worth threefold: a white glove test of my house, my ability to keep up with the Joneses, and driving around a car I can't afford while I spend beyond my means."

Yeah. I bite my tongue.

I'd get angry, say something snarky, and my skin would peel off when my skull and face split open. When I start to levitate and cobras come out of my brain it might be a little intimidating.

People telling me what I can't do are a dime a dozen and very disposable. That's positive thinking for you. Good company make good people..positive people. This is the people I keep around me. I think it's made me a positive person. In fact, I practically spout rainbows as I sing Shiny Happy People, every morning in the shower.

My point is what do you do when you feel this condescension? Do you ignore it? Because addressing it makes you the problem..or do you make polite and superficial relationships because they are friend, neighbor, family, co-worker, fill-in-the-blank?

A lot of oxygen world people read my blog. If this post hit a nerve in our relationship, perhaps you might evaluate your condescension and ideas about those around you. We are all works in progress. Either way, these things have already been aired to those whom I have issue with, so don't tell me how to feel or put words in my mouth (hello, anon, don't be an epic asshat and pick up the phone)

What's a girl to do when she wants a positive outlook on life that is only getting better and someone is always there to find the negative?

What would you do?

Eggshells Are For The Compost

Do you ever get a feeling of disrespect, or condescension by others?

Mr Coffee and I do our own thing as parents, married couple...thirty somethings. It happens but what happens when this judgement doesn't come from a stranger... You blog about it. Encourage them to fornicate with their own self. Tell the person to "Go home! You're drunk!". Ignore it. Tip-toe around them. Kiss ass? Grovel? HA! Not likely.

Unless you are feeling badly for being condescending, this post wouldn't apply to you at all. I'm not making people change. Not my place. I'm just keeping my boundaries where they should be.

I am Mama Bear defensive if someone acts out against my hubs or kids but honestly, Mr Coffee doesn't care what people think of him. He's awesome like that. I don't either. Although, I do have issue with how we are treated. If my family is disrespected, I have tendency to drop that relationship and never look back. I'm too ridic busy to baby people anymore. I prefer honesty, but my value for getting things out in the open is not always welcome. Ask me if I care. (I do not).

I don't let people define me or my family. Granted, everyone has an opinion and judges. I'm cool with that. We learn when we judge, we assimilate, collate, and compare and contrast. What we DO with that judgement is where communication can become eggshells and asshats. That's where I'm not cool with that anymore. Newsflash: If you're feeling guilty about looking down on someone - stop it. It's stupid. If you aren't feeling convicted, then you get two gold stars from me.

Emo-intelligence wins the interwebs.

I am so very thankful for those people in our lives. Sometimes you lean, sometimes you support. I'm thankful. No one needs pity but for support and relationship? I am thankful beyond words.

Just last week I mentioned to someone that I was finishing designing a website. I hear, "Oh, really? I didn't know you do that. So that's what you do during the day?"

Bloody hell, way to make someone feel special. Who listens to me anymore? I should just say,

"Um, NO, I sit on my butt all day, eat bon bons, and watch soap operas. I make my failure of a husband do all the work. I also sacrifice my values by letting my kids eat normal food, then sending them off to the Devil's Public School while I send myself into Zoloft hell under the guilt of not homeschooling. I determine my life worth threefold: a white glove test of my house, my ability to keep up with the Joneses, and driving around a nice car while I spend beyond my means."

People telling me what I can't do? Dime a dozen. Disposable. Good company makes good people and positive people. These are the people I keep around me.

My point is what do you do when you feel this condescension? You DO ignore it, because addressing it makes you the problem. You can't spend your days running after everyone else to make sure you don't offend. You bottle feed, you aren't giving your best. You nurse, you are exposing yourself in public. You homeschool, you are sheltering your kids. You send them to public school, you are sending them to sub par education. You give them nap schedule, youre controlling. You keep them up, youre abusing your kid who needs a nap. You don't clean the house enough, youre lazy. Clean it all the time, youre a doormat wife.

I can't and won't walk on eggshells with people who are always "offended!".Just be true to you - You are responsible for you.

I don't expect people to understand my values or even how I think. (I can't even do that for myself at times, lol). Just listen, respect, and remember that you teach people how they can treat you. Boundaries, baby. Boundaries.

-Bee has bigger fish to 'Fry'.
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04 January 2008

Things I Did On My Bloggy Vacation

I'm getting so much done since I've scaled back on blogging.

♦File Pile...check.
I had stuff at the bottom of the enormous File Pile Box from 2003. 2003?!

♦Shred Box...done.
No more papers to be shredded and Recycle Bob had a full load of paper.

♦Christmas tree gone and closets cleaned.
4 bags for the Goodwill and everything put away.

♦Kitchen cupboards arranged and scrubbed down.

♦Lots of time with kids
We have checked out a total of 122 library books. WOOT!

♦Avoided the flu plague while each one of the kids went down for the count.
They are better now, but our place looked like a pharmacy for a few days.

♦Firetruck earned.
Played Burnout 3: Takedown with kids. Man, that sure takes out aggression. Almost as cleansing as paint-balling my neighbors cat or getting my foot calluses soaked off.

♦Watched all episodes of Firefly with hubby.
These are better the second time around. If you haven't seen them, and you like westerns, space, and really great writing, you will love this show. Watch Firefly the TV show, then watch the movie, Serenity.

♦Watched Blue Man Group special on PBS.
Amazing. Funny. Must see these guys live.

♦Mr Coffee sent out a few resumes
This is a nail biter for us. More details later.

♦Ordered my Digital Converter Coupon
In early 2009, all full-powered TV stations are converting to digital programing. This means anti-cable people like me will have to buy a digital converter because I can get five whole stations with my antenna rabbit ears. This said, if your TV does not have a digital converter built in, or cable, or satellite, you will need to buy one for each TV you use. Digital converters will be expensive (said to be priced between $50 and $70). For your free $40 coupon (up to two coupons per household) to be sent to you and more on the subject go to www.dtv2009.gov. These coupons are limited, so the sooner the better.

♦Avoiding the debates because talking about politics are about as fun as a Brazilian wax.
I am conservative on moral issues, very Green over the environment, but lean more Democratic when it comes to spending and programs. This must make me an Elephonkey. A Donkephant? What is the symbol for Independents and the Green Party?

So before Iowa, Florida and the Almighty Chad we determine our new President, I recommend taking this quiz if you vote. It was very enlightening and helped a bit to narrow down my possibilities. I get very frustrated over extremist and political arguments so I am officially not telling you who you should vote for. I'm simply making it easier for you to decide for yourself.

Interestingly enough, I agree most with Duncan Hunter. The Democratic candidate that I related to the most was Hilary Clinton...haha. Funny. Even more so than some of the Republicans like Guiliani, McCain, or Romney.

-- Take the Quiz! --