28 January 2009

Won't You Be My Friend, But Not Arnold Friend

In my English Comp class my instructor is talking about the importance of fast writing, or should I say methodology. Even when I don't like doing it. This is a method of writing furiously and you can stop when your fingers bleed out something worth reading. I edit as I go because I'm a perfectionist and can't stomach looking stupid. Fast writing does not appeal to me but I must relinquish control. Resistance is futile. (I did not make that up) I'm attempting to fast write this, not because I want to grow as a writer, but simply because I have zero time to write anymore, let alone shower or wipe properly.

I got my first paper back in English and I got a B. It does not make me happy because I know I could do an A and I was just short of an A grade. Part of my problem has to do with basic formatting of my paper, and seeing I've never written a class paper, I do stupid things my fourth grader already knows. Double spacing? Properly formatted bibliography? I am just learning what these are. I feel like I've had my head under a rock. A LARGE illiterate rock. We are doing critical essays in English. I get to read an essay and talk about it. This is supposed to help me get to my dream job radiating patients and making sure I properly wedge their heads in the MRI machine. I don't know how Joyce Carol Oates' essay on a stalker and his victim makes this possible? If you have read this essay, I hated it and therefore I loved it. Does this make sense? It made me feel icky but I have to turn in a paper saying that in 750 words. Can't I just say "I haaayted this" 250 times?

For those who have commented lately, I am sorry to be awol. Like a fledgling duck, I am leaving the comforting nest of blogger peeps and trading it for a crash dive into the deep end in the pond of instructors criticism. Believe me, the nest is looking so comfy right now.

I won't be able to write before tomorrow so I will add that Doozie has a birthday tomorrow.

This concludes my official first bloggy fastwrite.

~Bee gives herself an A for effor

19 January 2009

Where Have You Been?

Where have you been? Your mother and I have been worried sick.

Get used to it, I'm having a case of schedulitis.

Here I am blogging when I should be doing homework. I have a paper due tomorrow and a math quiz to finish. I'm usually more prepared than this. Today will not be one of those days. I'm sure I'll be up at 1am finishing my last questions on my exam. The paper will be challenging but easy to pop out, at least. Now if only my kids don't come down with projectile vomit or the Anti-Christ van doesn't blow up again...I shall be super duper.

School is all that I hoped and more, but I'm realizing I'm fairly independent and introverted after keeping to myself for so many years. 12 years, to be exact. People are interesting to watch but I can easily feel overwhelmed by too many people.

Interesting things about my school. Parking is abundant but I get in a half mile walk to and from my car. My schedule is working out with the kids school schedule but you'd keel over if you saw it. Today is the exception to the rule with the holiday but I was so exhausted at the end of this week, I'm going to have to figure out something better. Mr Coffee agrees, although he knows how hard I can be on myself and really, this is two weeks into school.

Mr Coffee and I put together a list of chores for the kids in light of my new schedule. I should have done this long ago, having had to keep up on all the chores for the entire family. Mr Coffee likes to cook on the weekends, so I do get reprieve in the kitchen. I don't know if my reluctance was impatience or my inner control freak coming out. My kids are 12, 10, 8, and 5. It's time they lent a hand, yes? I certainly think so.

Anyway, I love my English class. Fellow students are cordial and thinkers. They seem together and my English instructor is really great.

In contrast, my other class takes place in the bowels of the oldest building on campus and the students look like a fine mix of Teen Malibu Barbie and Bald, Tattooed and Fresh Out Of Jail. This class is the most fun because the mix of people is a perfect eclectic mix. I feel fairly ignorant in this particular class but I'm already getting good grades.

The kids are home and I think I make us all go to the park. I'm feeling rather anti-social for no known reason, just want to go in my bedroom and lock the door. Kids can feed themselves, right?

Yesterday, I had a Smallville marathon with Mr Coffee. I've always had a thing for Superman after Aquaman got married to that tart, Mera. I loved Aquaman's bulging muscles in his water-tight suit, blue eyes, and that golden yellow, wavy hair was divine. Once out of my teens, I've been all about tall, dark, and handsome. In fact, I married one. Of course, it had nothing to do with Christopher Reeve's depiction of Superman. I have to say, it does wonders for the soul to do nothing but veg out with Mr Coffee and watch Tom Welling in his Kryptonic hawtness.

I think I will be posting far, few, and between for a while, but I'll be around. I still catch my favorite reads in feeds.

~Bee wonders if Lana Lang ever felt stressed over her schedule
Listening to: Superman by Five for Fighting

04 January 2009

Abby Was Busy So I Need Your Advice

I'm making myself take the time to post. For those who live in Siberia and haven't heard, I'm going to school starting Monday. Is it wrong that I tell every.one who will listen? Maybe not the best news my gyno has heard, but still I am so proud.

I'd love to solicit advice from anyone who has warmed the benches of academia. Should I carry a book bag? Backpack? Plastic sacks with "Value Village" printed on them? What would you recommend?

I haven't purchased my books yet, but summa cum laud-dee-dah, Psychology-Pants Doozer from My Dirty Shovel blog has instructed me to wait. And really, who wouldn't take orders from her unless they are up for a good shovel whacking upside the head.

She told me this waiting game is to avoid buying the third $80 book when your instructor has decided to use only two of the 'required' three. Why do they do this?

Then the question remains: Can you bring consumables into the class in mugs, like coffee, water, or slug of gin? Should I bring a spiral notebook? Pen and paper? I feel very unprepared. 

Getting to school was going to be an issue as The Anti-Christ repair bill was as expected. We will miss our firstborn child.

The mechanic scheduled the van repair yesterday but the scrapyard sold the repair shop a bum trans-axle and had to yet again, swap the part for another one. I have no idea what a trans-axle is other than it's the thingie that turns the wheel thingies from the engine thingie. From it's name it must also come from a Trans-Am. Road-raging will be a breeze here on out.

Even as I type, my lovely and amazing Father In Law is enroute with their second vehicle for our temporary use. This is a blessing because now I can get to school, grocery shop, and not have to walk 2 to 3 miles every day in the rain to get the baby girl from Kindergarten.

As for today, Mr Coffee and I are going out on a date. Date nights are necessary to sneak in whenever possible and I admit, I relish going anywhere to eat where the menus don't also come with crayons. We have a Cheesecake Factory Christmas gift card burning a hole in my pocket. Yum.

Have a good rest of your weekend and leave your school supply list in comments. I'm gunning for the Value Village bags, but maybe you have a better suggestion?

~Bee is going to school. yay.
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