26 February 2005

Fat jeans

I woke up this morning with a cold and to top it off, I couldn't move my legs.





Man do I hurt. I feel so old. What possessed me to go that extra 8 minutes on the treadmill? Sheer will power and a quest for health. Well, that and my 'fat' jeans getting tight. Lord love 'em. Don't scoff! Every girl has a pair of fat jeans. I am not alone in this. Cindy Crawford has a pair of fat jeans. Actresses with skeleton frames..they don't have fat jeans. They just wear the latest in GAP kids denim.

I am so out of shape I can barely reach to the back of the fridge. I swear I would never get like this...yeah, blah, blah, blah, you've heard it before. I used to be the epitome of health. I modeled swimsuits, ran 3 miles every other day with my faithful Walkman. I went to the gym, ate right.

(Call the waaambulance!)

All the right things. Now, I'm lucky to get in a 20 min walk on my treadmill....why? Because I'm lazy, too busy or too dang tired. Or maybe because blogging has taken over my life. I don't know. I no longer do the drive-through biggie-sized heart attacks, fries, etc. I have quit drinking soda and eating after 6:30pm. I'm hoping to be healthy and in shape by my next birthday but realistically, I won't fool myself. I don't ever want to wear a GAP size 6x. I want to be healthy.


Done complaining now.

Here's to September and Cindy Crawford's fat jeans.