25 October 2005


I have been plagued with the headcold of the century. As soon as they find a safe way to remove your head from your body, I'm going there.

I think my sinuses are starting to make diamonds from all the pressure. I hope I can blow out a J. Lo ring that costs as much as a house. Two of my house. Then I can be consoled about not winning the 200 kazillion dollar lottery last week. Of course it helps to buy a ticket. When I woke up yesterday, I was sure the light at the end of the tunnel was really a bear with a flashlight. This morning, I felt immensely better.

SO, it was only 10 years ago today that I was robbed at gunpoint at my bank job. I still don't know for the life of me, why I remember these things.

It was an interesting day, to say the least. I got pretty good with handling robberies at my job, with another 6 more in 9 months. We got to forgoing the drills...heck, we just get robbed. I got tired of scrubbing that fingerprint dust out of my nice work blouses. You never see that on CSI. That black smudgy stuff never comes out of anything. It's like the baked on malt-o-meal dishes of investigation.

I'm going to stop blogging now. My NyQuil is catching up to me and I might say something stupid. I say stupid things without NyQuil so the probability is fairly high.

Tomorrow? Same time, same place?

~Bee sees fuzzy mushrooms and butterflies

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~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe