07 April 2006

hurling since 2006

FIRST: I'd like to thank all those who wished us well this week. Mr. Bradshaw has also provided me with a bit of humor that aided in my mental health these last couple of days. So to all, I THANK YOU!!

Now for something completely different!

Our family had the run of things this week, pun intended.

We had the Flu instead of spring break. It's not fair. When I am this sick, I can manage dragging myself to the stove to prepare breakfast and then drive the kids to school. It's a feat in itself, but completely do-able. This week afforded me no such luxury. I had all four kids, all day, two of which were sick and I was sick, too.

I had plans. GOOD plans. Plans that would give any parent the Official Fun Parent Award. I had my friend and her kids coming, road trips to the fish ladders & dam, Grandma's visiting, zoo treks, and library stints. There were park outtings and dollars stores to be explored, darn it.

I did manage to salvage my week and am fully prepared to author any one of these lovely books:

  • Alienating Your Friends and Blog Through Unplanned Viral Outbreaks
  • The Biological Stain Guide and Treatment
  • 101 Reasons You Should Never Own a One Bathroom Home
  • Lose With The B.R.A.T. Diet: Banana's, Apples, Rice and Toast
  • How to Blow Through 40 Diaper Changes in a Day Including a Tube of Desitin
  • Poop Your Way to The New You: Emma in the Pacific NW raves, "I've Lost 10lbs in one week!!"
  • Pepto-Bismal: It's Not Just for Breakfast Anymore
  • The Beauty Of Stain-Free, Waterproof Vinyl in Your Home
  • How to Survive on 3 Hours of Sleep A Night
  • TV and Video Games: Entertaining Your Children While You Sleep
  • Extracting Your Colon The Easy Way
  • Handwashing Your Way To Cracked, Dry Skin
  • Go VOMIT!: How To Easily Rid Yourself Of Telemarketers.

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