18 April 2006

Date Night

I'm going to shamelessly brag my head off. Just give me a minute to pop it back on if I'm not making sense.

My hubby is amazing. Even after years of marriage he never fails to surprise me.

On Saturday, he came home early from work, immediately got showered, dressed for a night out, smelling clean and fabulous and went to get us dinner. He wanted me to put the kiddies to bed early at 7:30 pm, if I could.  

Okay, I guess?

I thought maybe he wanted peace and quiet and watch "Walk the Line" which we had rented. I didn't know until he came back home at 7:45pm that he had plans.

He planned a date night and wanted to surprise me.

Isn't that the sweetest thing ever? My 9 year-old Jaina, waited on our table (visiting every 10 minutes or so) and much to her glee, he also left her a three dollar tip and dessert.

So, I want to share with you the recipe for a date with your honey, on a night you can't get a sitter:
  • Dress nice. Make an effort: perfume, cologne, and shave.
  • Flowers in a colorful bouquet (he brought me the one above...awww)
  • Your favorite takeout with dessert
  • One of my favorite wines, Maryhill Gewurztraminer which coincidently tastes fabulous with Thai Food, Chicken or Turkey.
  • Guitar music (One Quiet Night) by Pat Metheny. aka. stop, drop and roll music
  • 2 lovey-dovey cards proclaiming how wonderful your spouse is.
  • Candles for ambiance and remember the nice china and wine glasses. If you are not a drinker, try your favorite beverage. Even sparkling grape juice taste better in fancy drinking glasses.

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