17 April 2006

once, twice......

Once, twice, six times a weirdo.

6 Weird Things About Me ~ by popular request! (Thank you Kristi and Domesticator!)

1) I have a ritual every evening. Brush teeth, wash face, moisturizer and brush hair. In that order. I will not and cannot deviate. A girl must keep her skin and teeth healthy, you know.

2) Whenever I buy a book or DVD I put it in our DVD database or online at our lifetime subscription at LibraryThing. To date we have 637 DVDs and over 1500 volumes of books (no nakey butt or horror flicks)

3) I have to rearrange eggs symetrically in the carton before I put them back in the fridge. Coincidently it makes me crazy when I use only one egg. I am left lopsided. I joke about it at times but I do have mild OCD.

4) I get the giggles if I have to be somewhere serious with hubby and we catch each others eye. It usually happens at funerals, weddings, graduations, birthing classes. Even though divorce is out of the question, this fact eliminates even the notion of separation. Hubby and I would end up laughing hysterically in front of the mediator or judge.

5) I always have a hard time with Mother's Day** and Father's Day because of my childhood. My prayer is to see it first for hubby and I as parents. These are GOOD days now.

6) I have gotten marriage proposals over my Chocolate Rum Chocolate Chip Cheesecake. It takes 2lbs of cream cheese and I share it here. If you are doing Weight Watchers points you might consider getting a calculator for this one. (if you make it, I must have feedback!!)

**This is from Globegirl's blog. She's the youngest of four.

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