28 November 2006

christmas music

Back to happy faces and belly laughs, I'm talking Christmas music.

And not
Mannheimlic Steamroller music. Please no! I really need to say, listening to them "steamroll" makes me sterile and forces my ears to curl and suck back into my head. Yes, it's that bad. My tastes are eclectic, but even I have a maximum pain threshold.

I'm talking about Christmas music and those albums that make you nuts. Everybody is doing it. Tell me your most disliked albums. (don't worry, next post will be about favorites!!)

If you must put on Christmas music, please for the love of everything pine-scented, red and green, grab something other than this:

*Barney the Dinosaur Gone Vegan Christmas

*1976 Donnie and Marie Christmas Special

*iPod Christmas: Pirate and Rip It

*Paris Hilton: I'll Have A Blue Christmas Without My Trust Fund

*The Kranks Christmas Soundtrack

*Gummy Bears Popozao Christmas

*Santa Wears A Red Bracelet: Christmas With Madonna

*All I Want For Christmas Is A Green Borat Speedo

*Mr. Bean's Silent Night Christmas

*Snoop Dog's Pimpin' Santa's Sleigh

*K-Fed (aka Fed-Ex) and Britney Reunion Christmas

*B & E Christmas: The Man With The Bag

*Achey Breaky Country Christmas

*Mos Def's Fat Booty Santa

*I'm Dreaming of A White Comb Over by The Donald Trump Choir

*Hot Rod Christmas (comes with Puma Sneaker ornament)

*Tucker Max Raps The Christmas Story

*Jerry Springer Christmas: My Christmas Tree Don't Fork

*Ding! Fries Are Done Soundtrack

*Fireman Choir Sings: Put Out That Yule Log I'm Coming Down!

*Walmart Exclusive: I Got My Front Tooth For Christmas

*Emma Sometimes Sings: Man, Santa's Hot and Oh, Holy Cow..It's Mr. Coffee

*Starbucks Hear Music: Only Santa Has The Coffee Cup Ornaments

*Santa's Helper Reunion: Christmas Made In China

*Second Life Christmas: I Saw Mommy Kissing Everyone

*Politically Correct Christmas Vol 1 & 2:
The 12 Days Of Holiday with bonus track~
Away In A Barn Turned Hospital Birthing Suite

Just refrain from grabbing one of these. Please. My ears thank you.

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~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe