05 May 2007

Police and Politics at Krispy Kreme

Can this morning have been any more perfect? I drank Starbucks. We ate donuts. We built stuff. We met our Congressman.

Our local men and women in blue were having a fund-raiser for the Special Olympics AND it was hosted by Krispy Kreme. Police and donuts. Who would have thought? The crime unit and bomb squad were also there, as were the motorcycle policemen. For a small donation, our fine men and women in blue were also giving rides to the kids on a VAB.

Mr. Coffee is assisting the kids.
He looks like one of the bomb guys.

For those wondering, the VAB is a French military vehicle. Sadly, this one had the missile launcher removed (hellooo? LAME!!) and it wasn't even fitted with a water cannon for crowd control. We were cheated.

We also shook hands with our Congressman as did everyone else he encountered, "Brian Baird, nice to meet you." "Good Morning, Brian Baird". I don't think a person with a germ phobia could be a Congressman, with all the hands you end up shaking. Congressmen and Congresswomen must get sick a lot.

He's appealing to the future voters. What a guy!

Our Congressman is a polite, likeable man, and he really likes donuts. That's two counts for him. If he threw in a free bumper sticker, then it would certainly swing my vote. You see, bumper stickers are what makes the democratic process possible, except for Kerry Edwards bumper stickers.

Translation: Hey, I'm from Oregon and a sore loser.

The kids loved the tour of the paddy wagon and they were allowed to sit on the motorcycle. I almost expected to overhear on of the boys say, "Step on it, Ponch! We need to stop that bus full of school kids from rolling backwards down that hill!!!"

We then went on to Home Depot to catch our First Saturday of the Month Kids' Workshop. The kids made cute little planters for our back patio. If anyone is needing parsley, chives, or basil let me know, I'll have it coming out of my ears in another month or two.

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