28 August 2008

I Need To Post Something Funny

Random...what day is this? Oh, yes. Random Wednesday today.

I got a call from someone and my caller ID says, "770-783-5969" and the name on the caller-id said...and I quote, "DONT ANSWER". How is that for reverse psychology?

If you are just reading me, I'm going to spill it to you.

I've become the 'go to' person when someone needs a question answered. I retain pretty much most of what I read and now being the wise age of thirtyfarblewarble...haha, okay really. I just remember stuff.

I get requests from all sorts of friends about a myriad of subjects. For instance, if you need to know what pitocin is or does, I will know. Need a good homemade grass stain remover or pink eye cure? A vital record from 1824? Bankruptcy law, or renter's rights? Reasons why you should not attempt marital congress in a hot tub?

I would know, not that I want to know, I just know.

In light of this I would like to extend my knowledge to my readers, all 3 of you. I know I haven't been around much, but school starts next week and I'll be gung ho to posting regularly again. So please, ask away in comments (try to keep it clean, will ya?!) and I'll post answers back on Tuesday.

Have a Happy Labor Day!

~Bee is a good trivial pursuit partner
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Millie said...

I'm interested in the hot tub thing. Bunny once tried to get freaky with me in one but I was too modest.


Gen said...

Ditto what Millie said.

Ian said...

Yes, I want to know about the hot tub thing too, because I have, and does that mean I'm going to die from it?

And for a change of pace, could you tell me how you'd fix Death Race so it wasn't so sucky?

Heffalump said...

Yes...do tell about the Hot Tub.
I'd really like to know also how you found out that kind of info about said hot tub.
I'd also like the grass stain remover, a remover for getting ink from a ball point pen out of clothes...
In exchange I will tell you that you can get that nasty yellow build up of pee overspray off of your toilet with sand paper...I know this from experience. Having five sons will teach you things like that.

Mrs4444 said...

Have you always had such gorgeous, long tresses? If not, do you have any old photos to share of you in...say, a pixie cut?

Dapoppins said...

How do I get that scaly rash stuff off of my sons forehead?

Jo Beaufoix said...

Why is it that goats can't do handstands? I mean, they're so good at jumping and climbing and stuff, you'd think they'd have mastered handstands by now. Tell me Bea, tell me.

Lynellen said...

Bee, I would really love some tips on how to train my super-shy dog to "come" since she won't eat treats out of my hand. That kind of knowledge would be very helpful. Thank you!

holly said...

well i already asked momo fali if my butt looked big in this.

so now i'm going to ask you...um...

how many licks does it take to get to the centre of that sucker?


how much wood wood a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood? i have always always wanted to know, and no one will tell!

and tom cruise. is he really that insane?

that is all.

... Paige said...

OMG I hope that hot tub thing was not deadly!

So how does one go about getting one of those genie's in a bottle? and if you can tell me how to get it in there please let me know if it is legal to toss it in a landfill?

Thank you

Doozie said...

Ok mrs know-it-all, I have one for you;

Why does the masked marauder sleep in his mask?

R said...

I don't want to know about the hot tub thing.

What I DO want to know is why exactly is the sky blue because I am SICK of telling my kids that it is the ocean's reflection.

And---Why does George Catlin's son look like Tintin?

cathouse teri said...

Why is it that people say they could care less when what they really mean is that they couldn't care less?

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