17 September 2007

Do They Make A Blogger Scent?

I'm upgrading the computer tomorrow so I'll be offline for the next day or two, unless I blow out my motherboard with my new hard drive. I had to sneak in a post before I did. So, looky what I captured with my cell phone. Right in front of Target Dog and everything.

Personally, I think some Art Direction Dudes over at Downy need to be fired. You see the aloe and white lilac scent has an aloe plant on the front. Although, the lemon verbena and chamomile has what looks more like a daisy.


I know, I know. I'm a green thumb myself and I've grown a florists worth of different aromatic bloomers. Yes, there is a kind of chamomile flower that looks similar to a white daisy but seriously, at first glance I think this looks more like a daisy. Doesn't it look like a daisy to you?

All those who kill houseplants say, "AMEN!"

This is the problem. Didn't Marketing Dudes know this label is all wrong? Daisies are amazingly cheery, should sweetly grace gardens far and wide, and even painted with wild abandon, but have it be known.....

They smell B.A.D., like stinky feet and wet dog.

I'm wondering what possessed them to use this picture on the Downy bottle? They might as well have used a snapshot of a full diaper.

I'll show *you* some pure essentials.

I like the fact that there are a few new scents to choose from albeit, I haven't found a smell that I'm hooked on. Downey with the pink lid is nice, so is their clean breeze kind. If only Downy Dudes could produce a fabric softener in other desirable smells besides something so flowery. I've even taken the liberty to concoct a few ideas of my own. These are ingenious because you don't have to wait to smell oh, so good.

For the Foodie:
Cake Batter
Honey Baked Ham
Root Beer
Krispy Kreme
Garlic Pretzel

The Outdoorsy types:
Roasted Marshmallows
Wet Tent
River Moss
Fishing Bait
Coors Light

Pureed Carrots
Play Doh
Sleeping On The Couch
Soccer Field
PB & J

College Age:
Beer Bong
Rimmel Lip Gloss
Gym Shoes
Buffalo Wings
Bath & Bodyworks (assorted scents)
Pizza Hut

The Smoker:
Airport Carpet
Slurp & Burp
Bowling Alley

The Beautician:
Nail Glue
Burning Hair
Aqua Net

Rubber Tires
Transmission Fluid
New Car Smell
Electrical Fire

The possibilities are just endless. (Downey Dudes, call me!)


Ian said...


I think that's about as likely as seeing Friskies start making cat food with squirrel, field mouse, and grasshopper flavors.


Danielle Blogging for Balance said...

Thanks for leaving us with some giggles while you upgrade. We need to have that done to our daughter's computer...will that make it run faster? Just asking...hers is sooo slow.

Sorry I haven't been around as much since my snobby dot com change...I fell into the bag of chips ;)

SimplyAmusingDesigns.com said...

Laughing out loud at the Smoker's choice of "airport carpet". I used to work in an airport and...yuck. That's all I have to say about that.

Jennifer said...

I think daisies smell like butt crack. That's JUST what I want my pillow case to smell like. :-P

Kimberly said...

I studied marketing in College. You would've gotten an A for the presentation.

Millie said...

Pyew, daisies! Like it was so hard to find a picture of the correct flower?

I want a Downy that makes me smell like a Greyhound bus passenger. Mmmmmmm.

Clare said...

Good luck with the upgrade and hope all goes smoothly so you'll be back soon :).

Tee/Tracy said...

LOL - You've quite an eye for detail. I wouldn't have paid attention to whether they were daisies or not... And I had completely forgotten that they don't smell good until you mentioned it.

Thanks for ruining daisies for me!! ;) LOL

Heffalump said...

How about senior citizen downy? You could have Ben Gay, Dirty Denture, Mothball and Depends scents.

eyes_only4him said...

seems u have all the basis covered!!!

McBunni said...

What in the world is a pee-chee????

Ba Doozer said...

hey i'm not college age and I'm down with the rimmel lip gloss!!!!

ancient one said...

I would like unsented. All the things that say unsented, I can smell...LOL

Jenn said...

Ancient one,
hehe, you are right.

Does Matt Foley suffer from dry lip syndrome?

PeeChee? Like those famous orangeish folders for school? Come on, you are killing me here...

How about Toe Nail Polish or Jelly Flip Flop scent?

haha, hmmm, Polident....

And for me too! See? How hard would it have been to put Verbena on it?

I've already been back to your blog, neener neener.

How about Greyhound Potty? It would have to come out of the bottle blue.

Thanks, hehe.

yes, butt crack AND wet dog.

I think it would be fun to work at an airport...but smell? As Tommy Boy says, Me No Likey.

You have mail

I should propose a Lego smell.

Charlotta-love said...

Skunk? Isn't that why we wash our clothes when we get home FROM camping?!

R said...

I should have read this yesterday! Yes, daisies do smell rank.

I like how you made the smoker scents all something that smells like smoke. I had a good laugh over that.

I also liked "Aqua Net" LOL. I can't stop smiling.

AND---Chralotta-Love needs to realize that I AM FREAKING WONDERWOMAN, not her. He he.

Saur♥Kraut said...

I got a real chuckle over this one. :D Yeah, I'm always amazed at how people think all flowers smell nice. I wore a fragrance for a while called "carnation flower". When I first screwed up enough courage to sniff it, I was expecting something that smelled like a tomato leaf (after all, carnation flowers are NOT nice to smell). But instead, it was a wonderful creamy, spicy fragrance (by Crabtree & Evelyn). I figured, well, if it DOESN'T smell like a carnation, I'm happy! Let's buy it!

Secret Agent Mama said...

You forgot a scent for the college kids... POT or BONG WATER!

McBunni said...

Never heard of 'em! LOL

Preposterous Ponderings said...

Oopsie! I do believe I left my last comment on the wrong post.

I'm senile what can I say.......

Crabby said...

coffee scented downey ..... sighhhhh.
It would be like the gift that keeps on giving.

And you are right! Daisy's stink.

Nothing I grow lives. In fact, some have been known to linger between life and death for so long that I stop watering them wishing they'd go ahead and give it up already. I've even sworn at them under my breath.

Millie said...

LOL @ "bong water"

I also like Play-doh scent.

Jeff said...

Wet tent used to be a lot worse back in the day when people still have canvas tents. Just mentioning in reminds me of boy scouts though.

krok74 said...

I just can't stand the smell of a rotting deer on the side of the road. It makes the convertible experience unpleasant at times.

Ba Doozer said...

krok, carry a flame thrower and torch the deer, it has no business being dead there and ruining your drive

Annette Lyon said...

That looks like a daisy to me.

If I could place an order, I'd take chocolate scent, please.

Stalker Cyberstalker said...

For the outdoors types, there's also the sweet smell of bug spray.

Anne said...

My son tells me his arm pits smell like rotten cheeseburgers. Okay.

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