15 August 2008

I'm Going To Write A Dumb Song About Lice

You can see what I've been up to lately. I wish I couldn't see the other thing I've been up to.

Two words with a huge amount of work behind it.

Head Lice. HEAD. LICE.

God Bless the public school system and parents who don't have the brains to say,

"Hey, my kids have lice and your daughter had a sleep over last weekend. You might want to check her head."

How hard is that?! Apparently it's more impossible than,say....

"I'm lazy and am too busy to care about infecting your kids with gross, disgusting little buggers. Cleanliness has nothing to do with it, but I wouldn't know because again, I'm too busy to care. I'm not about to tell you my kids have a nasty parasite that could have been transferred to your daughter, because by golly, that might make me look bad."

So, this week I'm single-handedly keeping RID Lice Shampoo people in business. I have a lot of laundry to do normally but this? Holy Tide, Batman. A family of six makes one gigantic pile of laundry when it all has to be done at once. Tonight I was sorting through it all and I came down off the top of the mountain with frost on my head.

~Bee needs more dryer sheets


Ed (zoesdad) said...

New look is cool! I dig it.

I'm now going to take a shower because I feel itchy.

Millie said...

Very lovely, the new look.

My Bella had lice this summer, and found out the morning the girls were about to leave for Girls' Camp. Somehow none of the rest of us were affected.

Have fun with that laundry! ;)

Jaina said...

Ick. That just gives me the heeby jeeby's. Love the new look!

R said...

Frost on your head?!!! I can't stop laughing. I am a fool! I can't quit! I will now give birth!

I am so sorry about the head lice, but gee whiz that is so funny. Frost on your head. Are you a genius or what, my friend?

And I had staph last week. Fun for everyone, eh? We are all filthy dirty.

Dapoppins said...

Nope. We do not have head lice.


you knew I would.

Now with all your free time waiting for laundry, go on over and please fix my template and look it look loverly again.

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

I feel your pain. We had lice in the spring and found out that the school will not talk about the nice lice epidemic in the county.

I even told the teachers, so they could warn parents, OUTING MYSELF and feeling red-faced and embarrassed.

But they won't say a word because it's shameful I guess.

The lice are not not nearly as proud, sadly.

(I followed a nurse's advice after they reappeared in a couple of weeks, and after crying my eyes out. Lice MD - nasty, spraying stuff that really gets to the nits - seemed to finally do the trick.)


Kimberly Vanderhorst said...


At least your blog looks pretty, even if life is looking a little ugly?

Heffalump said...

Our school sends a letter home if there is lice found on any of the kids, but really, its not like they do a regular lice check or anything! If parents don't let the school know, then they can't exactly spread the word!
Here I thought you were going to post about how bald is the new beautiful and I wouldn't have to be so freaked out that all my hair is falling out...

ancient one said...

Back in the day when my kids were in school, they did do checks.. my children said they would take pencils and lift the hair looking for the nits and lice.. my children never had to do any lice treatments... but my grandchildren did...yep, that would be a plus for homeschooling..LOL

Jen - Queen of Poo said...

Ugh! I feel for you, dear. My mom told me that my niece came home and they found head lice a few weeks ago, and it was in the midst of an incredibly stressful time for me as it was, and I kid you not, I was on the phone when she told me, and I literally watched the color drain out of my face. All I could think was, "Dealing with ridding my house of lice right now will kill me."

Fortunately, we did not get the lice. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy,...Well, on second thought, that might be kinda funny. ;-)

McBunni said...

Eeeewwww! Bummer!

Anonymous said...

I knew being bald would come in handy.

Kirstin said...

Oh, man...so sorry about the Lice. My girls have never had it, then last January I was out of town and I got a phone call from Kevin saying they both had it. Thankfully he, my MIL and a friend got it all under control and by that evening when I returned home everything was taken care of. My oldest is still paranoid though and regularly asks me to check her head.

Missives From Suburbia said...


Jo Beaufoix said...

Oh it's looking gorgeous here babe, fab. As for the nits, conditioner is the best thing. Leave it on so the little suckers can't hold on then comb em' out. Do this every other night for about a week and it should get rid without having to use all the expensive smelly stuff. I do this every now and then just to make sure.

That Janie Girl said...

That happened when Brody was a little tyke, he got it at a sleepover, as well.

Freaked me out, it did.

And then, i got over it.

I HATE those things.

The Lazy Iguana said...

Ever notice how the same bug can be called "lice" or "crabs" depending on where you find them??

I have.

I would have loaded up all laundry into plastic garbage bags, sorted by colors, and headed to the laundry mat.

That way I could take over a whole row of machines at once.


Now that everyone is out of your way, take over as many machines as you need. 6 machines, 8 machines, 10 machines - whatever.

Add the soap, load it up, insert the quarters, press start, move to the next machine.

Do the same with the dryer.

Get it ALL done in about the time it would take to do one load at home.

Threaten some slave labor with horrible dinners for the next week unless they helped fold all that stuff up.

Bonus points if the laundry mat has a Donkey Kong machine.

Doozie said...

finally, a template I can dig on

loveyh said...

Oooh, yucky. Bad bugs.

But the template is gawjus, dahlink. Love it, love it!

I need a new header. Maybe I should try to make one.

The Lazy Iguana said...

Hey I just thought of something. What if you just use Advantage for dogs on your kid? That stuff kills fleas and ticks for a month.

Lice are pretty much ticks. Sort of.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love the new look!!!!!!!!!!!

sarahgrace said...

Well...the lice is not a good look, and I'm sorry to hear about that one, but I DO like the new look of your blog! Very cool...

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