22 March 2009

Sand Facials and A Neptune Cocktail

Sand in the Face and Swallowing Sea Water

I'm staying home this week since I've finished finals last week. Done for the quarter and catching up on my reading with a few books and blogs until the kids are out of school next week. I've pulled out the warm weather clothes but it's not yet shorts weather. This week I'll be finishing up laundry and hope to have the house clean by the weekend.

We are planning to drive down to the coast for spring break and mingle with the crowds, watching the waves and playing at the beach. Mr Coffee, the kids and I will probably stop by the seasonal farmers market, too. My seemingly never-ending homework starts again next quarter on April 6th, so I'm just kicking back a little till then.

Later gator....

~Bee loves the ocean but hates sand in my bathing suit.

In other words:

Sand Facials and A Neptune Cocktail

I'm hanging at the fat shack since I've blown outta the green room last week. Selling Buicks with a few books sans Bambinos till Monday next. Big mommas also macking some gnarly doggers with the Maytag man and getting the pad peachy.

We'll probably hitch a ride and chill like the hoodaddies and shoebies, watching the bumps out at the coast. With the Big Kahuna and the squids, we'll roll with the heavies and score some organic grindage next weekend at the farmers market. The gnarly cruncher hits like corduroy in two weeks so I'm hanging loose till the 6th.

Going latronic, dude.

~Bee loves the ocean but hates stealing the beach.


loveyh said...

DO you know how long it took me to decipher this, Bee? Seriously--can we get a Cali-to-English translation next post?

Have fun at the beach!

Heather said...

I gave up on trying to read it--all I know is you are going to the beach, I think.

ancient one said...

I couldn't even start to understand the post, but the title makes me know you are going to the beach... have fun... I wish I could go with you... :)

Skerrib said...

Thanks for the translation. I had figured out that you were going to get some food at the farmers market, but beyond that I was pretty sure you had taken a job selling cars at a dealership so slow that you had to bring reading material to stay occupied. And you're very against erosion.

Anonymous said...

I was reading the fist bit and thinking, "What? She's in Hawaii? Huh?" and then the second bit made it a little clearer. Not in Hawaii. Too bad. Enjoy your break :)

Heffalump said...

I totally got it the first time...is that scary or what?
What part of the coast are you going to be at?

Jaina said...

Lol, I laughed through the first one, and then the second one made a LOT more sense.

Anonymous said...

congratulations on making it through your first quarter...you must be so proud!!!!

Adriana said...

The beach is not as fun without the sand in your bathing suit. ; ) Sand in the car is quite another thing! Enjoy your trip.

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