11 June 2006

Brand That Thing

My daughter was looking for the lotion the other day and asked me, "Mom, where is the Aveeno". It struck me funny because it's just lotion, but advertising and such has penetrated her young mind. It's Aveeno to her.

How many other products have we infused into pop culture by the brand name instead of the actual item name? This got me thinking and I can only name a few, but it's a fun thinking game.

  • Vaseline = petroleum jelly
  • Kleenex = facial tissue
  • Walkman = portable radio
  • Pop Tarts = toaster pastries
  • Jell-o = gelatin
  • Xerox = copy
  • Band-Aid = any bandage
  • Play Doh = any moldable stuff for kids
  • Windex=glass cleaner, any that's blue
  • Lysol=air freshener spray
  • Styrofoam = polystyrene foam
  • iPod = personal MP3 player
  • Coke = soft drink (Southern)
  • Kodak = camera (archaic)
  • Velcro = hook-and-loop fastener
  • Superglue = cyanoacrylate
  • kotex
  • levi's
  • Rollerblade = Inline skates
  • Ski-Doo = Snowmobile
  • Google = Search Engine
  • Popsicle = frozen colored and flavored sugar water on a stick
  • Kool-Aid = UN-frozen colored and flavored sugar water
  • Slurpy = whipped frozen colored and flavored sugar water
  • Pampers = Diapers
  • Q-Tip = Cotton swabs

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