26 June 2006

Chew On This

Do you ever bite off more than you can chew?

I manage to maneuver myself to a position of over-extension to then be shot down by the realization that I am not Wonder Woman.

She used to visit my blog, so that should be obvious we are not the same person. I would still love to master the "Spin". You know, the change your outfit spin that Wonder Woman does? When Mr Coffee comes home to my sweaty-betty self all I'll have to do before he sees me in sweats and no makeup.

Wonder Woman spin!

I would morph into a freshly-showered self, donning a crisp linen outfit, perfectly coiffed hair, and makeup complete with tweezed chin hairs. Chin hairs take an extra spin.

Aside from the norm of raising four cherub-faced children with Mr. Coffee, I am challenged with a tidal wave of home ownership responsibilities and then drowned by the schedule and drama I have put myself in. Here we go:

I have been corresponding with my college of choice to complete my schooling in my budding career of Medical Transcription. I set a crazy pace of 6 months to finish, in which I have failed miserably. Bottom line is online courses suck. I beat myself over the head that I still cannot remember if otorhinolaryngologist has two "t"s or three. That's an Ear, Nose and Throat Doc or as I like to think of it, "Beer Nose and Broke"

After my proud proclamation that I would take them to the park regularly for exercise and fresh air, my three year old comes down with Fifth's Disease. Sunlight aggravates this particular virus and extends the life of the rash that will appear all over her extremities. Have no fear, it runs it's course in a month. In the meantime, she needs to stay out of the sun in this 100+ degree heat. Easier said than done.

I have been informed recently that I am over qualified to flip burgers while asking if you "need fries with that". Maybe I should have smoked crack and not graduated from high school. It's apparently the only way I'll get employed.

In the meantime, in my non-crack smoking ways, I am willing to bag groceries, serve coffee, clean houses...anything part-time to subsidize our current predicament of cash flow. Why do employers not want someone who is willing to show up on time, clean AND sober, work hard during work hours, and actually give quality customer service.

Just give me the dang job!

Mr. Coffee's Job:
Two years of self-employment in construction and we were to go out with a big bang finishing with a large job to put us ahead. Instead, someone wants their deposit back, another won't sign the contract, or keep the verbal one cutting down the profit by 3/4. This has put us in a predicament. Add four weeks of rain and you are pretty much selling your organs on ebay to keep the lights on. Mr Coffee landed a job that is officially pushed off for two weeks due to bureaucratic B.S. Mr Coffee has work now, but we have to wait for the new pay period. I never thought I'd get tired of Top Ramen but we will make it. I think.

Now with the possibility of foreclosure in the horizon we are forced to look at our options and will be selling the house to get the equity we have built up over the last 4 years. I now feel guilty I spent $ on myself when things looked like they would be hunky dory. My $40 shopping spree I had with Doozer on her last trip out here? I just hope I can still use the sea salt scrub while wearing my new capris in a van down by the river.

New House:
It's really a good thing that we are moving in many aspects. We can use the $$ to pay off an old personal loan from a gracious relative. We can get some peace with home repairs. Our house will be larger, carpeted, hopefully a modern kitchen (my dark wood cupboards are 30 years old) and more than one bathroom for 6 people. There is a bright side, you just have to look for it.

Mr. Coffee and I need to find a church. Finding a place of worship is important to Mr Coffee and I so keep us in your prayers.

I have requested a break from my family. It's really a good thing. Distance doesn't mean ignoring the issues, but it does give a much better perspective about relationship and why we do the things we do. My personal space means more to me than the world right now (see above for more pressing issues).

I am not discontinuing my blogging, but with packing, selling the house, raising kids, getting a new place, finding a church and school, I am virtually overwhelmed. I might have a short snippet for posts but I'll keep away from the book-ish ones such as this.

So, that is what has been going on with me.

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