23 April 2007

Applauding the Supreme Court

I have never been a quiet one about my stance on abortion. I don't feel that anyone with a strong conviction should be quiet to spare getting into a discussion. A conflict, perhaps? But never to avoid someone else's genuine retort. Extremists are a problem in any discussion but I digress.

The Oregonian had two big fat articles regarding last week's Supreme Court decision upholding the ban on partial-birth abortions. I was shocked the paper would actually report both sides, as The Oregonian has never been fair at reporting conservative points of view. After I read both articles, I feel it is ignorant for anyone to ignore what partial-birth abortion is when we are debating this procedure..and further voting on it and ruling on it.

I challenge you to read on the partial birth abortion procedure. It is not for the weak at heart, or stomach. I hope it makes you think.

Feel what you may about abortion, pro-life or pro-choice, this ruling has not taken away a woman's rights, it just eliminates one of at least seven ways you can medically accomplish terminating a pregnancy. It eliminates the described inhumane actions of brutally ending a life. How can we not be applauding the Supreme Court? This ruling is outstanding news.

You may be one who doesn't want to know how it's done. Oh, rise up and educate yourself. Don't think the truth will go away if you don't acknowledge it. People should want to know. If it was any other subject, we would be deemed unpatriotic to not ask how, when or why. Whether it's voting or rulings on the war, oil drilling, assisted death, the environment, military prisons, taxes, the people should want to know. Knowledge is not power. Implementation of knowledge is.

I cried for 10 minutes after reading how this procedure is done. I remember my children, each at birth. I remember their simplest needs of security, warmth, full tummies, swaddled in blankets. Their surprise of something like being unbundled, with tiny arms jerking wide, little fingers grabbing on what they can grasp. It's a stark difference to the cruelty, the sheer sickening horror of this procedure done on an infant who at times, is fully able to live outside the mother. This infant would be only 3 to 4 inches from completely being delivered. If the child was fully delivered, not just a tiny body, but the head as well, it would legally be murder. Three inches makes the law somehow agreeable. This has nothing to do with a woman's right to choose. The new ruling, with incredible discernment by the Supreme Court, intervenes by upholding the ban on these partial-birth abortions.

Partial-birth abortion is abhorrent. It's inhumane. Destroying life at it's weakest, most vulnerable state. It is LIFE. We hold living microbes at the bottom of the sea with more respect and concern. Everyone should understand how this procedure is accomplished to implement our knowledge to make the most sound decisions in women's health care.

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