25 January 2008

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I also love my word searches. Now for those who don't know how this goes, I'll share.

You get your free sign up at statcounter.com or sitemeter.com and give them your URL and blog name. They give you code for a little counter to track your readers. You add the code to your blog and see the results.

If you google "mullet photo contest" you get my URL. So would these:

blog Daughter of the American Revolution
I say, "DARRR!!" Thanks to my 6th x great grandpa from Virginia.

bee repartee
Who is she? Sounds brilliant.

hockey mom's mullet contest
And only 6 teeth in the whole contest.

bff tattoos
I joke about it a lot, but I am really needlephobic. I would have to be extremely sauced and dared to get some ink.

how a man changes oil
In a driveway with old prison overalls and lots of beer. A woman just takes it to Oil Change Bob at Lube R Us.

vibrating cough
I had four kids and all have had croup which does sound like a rattle in the chest. Take them into a room with a hot shower running so the steam does it's job. You can also bundle them up and take them outside in the cool air for a few minutes. It does the same thing. The difference in the air temp moves the crud around so they can breathe better. It works every time, I know. I've earned an honorary pediatrics degree.

starbucks italian roast
That's my blood type.

bee starbuck's boobs
I don't talk about them on my blog but yes, I must buy my car covers online. Aside from that, yes, I am Jenn and I do drink too much coffee.

splenda is the devil
Anything that is manufactured by using a WWI chemical warfare agent cannot be healthy. It is the devil and so are Krispy Kreme donuts, but that is a different matter entirely.

dancing at discos eating cheese on toast
Line from Kate Nash's song: Merry Happy. It's in my sidebar music under the Mix playlist

crazy eights significance
It's significant because I don't know how to play it. I can however, whoop you silly at Gin Rummy and Texas Hold 'Em.

mullett pictures
hair bangs sissy
Well, that's obvious. I did change my avatar because I've done my hair again and it's more dark brown than red. I'll go back to red again soon. I like red.

acronym dh
DH stands for Darling Husband, Dear Hubby, Dumb Heathen, Doltish Hussy, Dorky Headgear, Dynamite Hunkaburninlove. Get creative and call him something other than DH. Mr. Coffee is already taken, thankyouverymuch but something complimentary. Always remember nag about the spouse makes you look hag.

rimmel lip bloomer
I've used the stuff that makes you lips fuller. You just feel like you did some face suction on a juice bottle except you don't get that cool hickey-esque ring around your mouth. Rimmel makes good lip gloss and you can get free samples on their site.

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~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe