27 January 2008


Do you ever read your stats and have a few observations worth sharing? I see several I should address above. You can click to enlarge.

West coast readers get me. I was born down in So. Cali. so really this is no surprise. We are more laid back, and like to smell the pines..or more south? Palm trees. I'd rather have sand stuck in my swimsuit while I slather SPF 90 than to deal with tornado alley or hurricane central.

As you see on the map, there are only two or three computer stores in the more westernly midwestern states. Evidently they are located in Colorado.

Now, even with computers, apparently it is Federal Law that South Dakota, Nebraska, and New Mexico occupants are banned from the internet. I am not making this up. Just read the map.

Canucks are near and dear to me. I can be there in under 3 hours and it's breathtakingly beautiful. Aside from being of the handful of countries that I've already visited, they celebrate one of the three most important sports: hockey. Hockey ties with lacross and footy in my book. Nothing better.

I see my bloggy mate down under. That's good, cause this Sheila is going to fly down with Mr Coffee one of these days and take Paul Hogan's advice..shrimp on the barbie, eh?

Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas (go you!) pick up the slack with great ease. I also have a lot of family in those states so the probability of those markers just being my family is not far fetched.

Then you see Mississippi and Alabama. Have I offended the South in some way? Did you discover my dislike for okra and butter beans? Do you wonder quizzically at my non-pork eating self? Come on, I even call it "soda" and not "pop". Can't we just be friends? I make a good BBQ. I listen to blues. That has to speak for something.

The East coast rocks. I get along with most East coasters only because I am direct and I appreciate the same. I would almost consider moving there but Mr Coffee and my kids would miss me terribly. Here on the West coast, you say to someone, "Lets get together!" and they say in return, "Sure, sounds good. That'd be fun." In contrast, you say the same thing to East coasters and they whip out the phone or gadgetry, "When would be good for you?".

So purposeful and driven. I LOVE that. I have been told that I drive like a New Yorker but I digress....

The Brits get me but this is because Welsh and Irish run in my blood. Brits rock and ironically, I love Brit Rock, so it's all good.

Soooo, I am totaling Mullet Contest Photo votes by 3pm PST tomorrow. Please get your votes in!


Anonymous said...

me! i am the one in wales - that's me - just above middle! hi from wales! i'll get others on board. although i don't know one other blogger in wales. i'm sure there is one.

and i'm first! that's cuz the time is with me. being over here in wales.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting.

I don't have a palm pilot, I don't even have a cell phone. So when would be good for you?

He he.

I get some crazy entries as well.

Anonymous said...

I think I see my pin on the map.

My cell phone is also my PDA. So I do not need the Palm anymore - except for the games. Which are cool. I do not even know where the Palm is off hand. It is somewhere.

I like to change my own oil because then I know it is actually changed. Those oil change places have been known to say they are going to do services that they do not do, but you get charged anyway. They have been busted leaving old oil filters on.

The beer prevents cursing when doing stuff to the car. It is like anti-stress juice. At least for me it is.

Anonymous said...

Not all of us in Texas are your kin.
But I'll call you cousin if it makes you feel like you fit in with us down here near the coast. Even if you don't eat pork.
We do have an ocean (ok a bay) and sand! And I have been seeing lots of CA plates around town.

Anonymous said...

There are no other bloggers in Wales, Holly. Only you.

Anonymous said...

What have you done to offend Asia, Africa and South America, Emma? They like Starbucks and boobs on those continents, so I hear, and I believe they recently got hooked up to the Internet. So what gives?

Maybe you should do a few posts specially designed to attract the indigenous peoples of Mongolia, Swaziland, the Falkland Islands and other places you're currently not reaching with your wonderful sense of humor. It's worth thinking about.

Glad that I can help represent the great state of Texas.

Anonymous said...

I bet you rock the entire continent of Antarctica. Funny they don't show it on the map.

Anonymous said...

Yay Colorado!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm one of the Canadians! Wheeee!

Nifty post you funny lady you.

Anonymous said...

The skeleton was told to leave the bank

Anonymous said...

You also have to promise not to put a crack in my guitar. Only other condition.


I can't believe you remembered my mailbox! You retain so much knowledge!

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